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EXCL. PREVIEW: Maberry & Robinson's

EXCL. PREVIEW: Maberry & Robinson's "V-Wars" #9 Takes the Fight Global

The surviving members of V-8 hunt down plans for a vampire gene screener in IDW's "V-Wars" #9 by Jonathan Maberry & Alan Robinson.

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Jonathan Maberry's

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Jonathan Maberry's "Rot & Ruin" #1

IDW brings the world of "Rot & Ruin" to comics with a brand new zombie series by Jonathan Maberry & Tony Vargas that ties into Maberry's novels.

Jonathan Maberry Bestows his

Jonathan Maberry Bestows his "Rot & Ruin" Upon Comics

Jonathan Maberry explains why he's bringing his novels to comics, where these stories fit into the "Rot & Ruin" timeline and teases information about the upcoming film.

SDCC: IDW Summer Blockbusters Panel Examines Top Creator-Owned Titles

SDCC: IDW Summer Blockbusters Panel Examines Top Creator-Owned Titles

IDW held a lively discussion with its top creator-owned minds including Walter Simonson, Jonathan Maberry, Eric Shanower, Gabriel Rodriguez and Chuck Dixon.

EXCL. PREVIEW: Another Soldier Enters IDW's

EXCL. PREVIEW: Another Soldier Enters IDW's "V-Wars" #3

The V-8 organization recruits another warrior who will risk his life against the vampire terrorists in Jonathan Maberry & Alan Robinson's "V-Wars" #3.


Maberry's "V-Wars" Heads to Television with IDW

IDW and eOne Television will develop Jonathan Maberry's "V-Wars" as a television series, with a pilot written by "Dexter's" Tim Schlattmann.


EXCL. PREVIEW: "V-Wars" #2 Takes Yuki Nitobe's Investigation Underground

Reporter Yuki Nitobe is abducted and brought into the vampire underground in Jonathan Maberry & Alan Robinson's "V-Wars" #2, on sale May 21 from IDW.

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Maberry & Robinson's

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Maberry & Robinson's "V-Wars" #1

IDW and New York Times best-selling author Jonathan Maberry take readers on a non-stop thrill ride of action, horror and suspense in "V-Wars" #1.

Jonathan Maberry Wages

Jonathan Maberry Wages "V-Wars" at IDW

New York Times best-selling novelist Jonathan Maberry discusses bringing "V-Wars" to comics, shifting mediums and his obsession with vampires.

Jonathan Maberry Spills

Jonathan Maberry Spills "Bad Blood" at Dark Horse

Jonathan Maberry discusses his updated take on the original vampire in Dark Horse's "Bad Blood" and the immortality of the perfect story trope.

NYCC: Dark Horse Unleashes the Horror

NYCC: Dark Horse Unleashes the Horror

Dark Horse announced horror titles “Veil” by Greg Rucka and “Bad Blood” by Jonathan Maberry at their horror-theme panel which included Alex de Campi, Tim Seeley and more.

Maberry Returns With Apocalyptic

Maberry Returns With Apocalyptic "Marvel Universe Vs. The Avengers"

In the third of a series of post-apocalyptic adventures that started with the Punisher and then Wolverine, writer Jonathan Maberry teams with Leandro Fernandez for a "Marvel Universe Vs. The Avengers" mini series.

Wolverine Takes On the Marvel Universe

Wolverine Takes On the Marvel Universe

Jonathan Maberry pits Logan against cannibalistic super heroes in "Marvel Universe vs Wolverine," a new miniseries illustrated by Laurence Campbell. Featuring covers by Michael Kaluta, things get violent in June.

Maberry Sharpens the

Maberry Sharpens the "Klaws of the Panther"

In "Klaws of the Panther," the new Black Panther, must foil a plot by her father's murderer, the villainous Klaw, to take over the world. We spoke with writer Jonathan Maberry about the October-launching project.


ADVANCE PREVIEW: "Klaws of the Panther" #1

Marvel Comics has released and advance look at "Klaws of the Panther" #1, writer Jonathan Maberry's follow-up series to "Doomwar" featuring art by Gianluca Gugliotta. The Panther strikes Wednesday, October 6.



Courtesy of Marvel, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "DoomWar" #6, the final issue of the miniseries by Jonathan Maberry and Scott Eaton. Find out who wins the battle between Wakanda and Latveria on August 4!

Maberry Talks

Maberry Talks "Captain America: Hail HYDRA"

In January 2011, Jonathan Maberry and a team of artists kick off the five issue "Captain America: Hail HYDRA," a generations-spanning saga which pits the original Sentinel of Liberty with the terrorist organization.

Maberry Pits the Punisher Against the Marvel Universe

Maberry Pits the Punisher Against the Marvel Universe

Writer Jonathan Maberry discussed his new miniseries "Marvel Universe vs the Punisher" in Marvel's latest "Next Big Thing" conference call. CBR News was there. Updated with new artwork!

Maberry Referees

Maberry Referees "Marvel Universe Vs. the Punisher"

A pathogen turns the world into a realm of insane, blood thirsty predators, its only hope being the last uninfected man alive: Frank Castle. Jonathan Maberry spoke with CBR about "Marvel Universe Versus the Punisher."

The State of Maberry's

The State of Maberry's "DoomWar"

In "DoomWar," the new miniseries kicking off next month, a band of Marvel's premier heroes must stop Doctor Doom and his global network of terror from seizing absolute power. We spoke with writer Jonathan Maberry about the series.

Maberry Declares

Maberry Declares "DoomWar"

An all-star team of Marvel heroes are going to war; not against a nation, but against a man and all who would stand with him. CBR News spoke with writer Jonathan Maberry about Marvel's just-announced "DoomWar."

Maberry Talks

Maberry Talks "Black Panther"

Jonathan Maberry's "Black Panther" is a tale of high-tech espionage and revenge. CBR spoke with him about his plans for both T'Challa, the former Black Panther and the current female Panther, T'Challa's sister, Shuri.

Punisher Strips Down in

Punisher Strips Down in "Naked Kill"

Horror novelist Jonathan Maberry takes Frank Castle back to basics in “Naked Kill” by stripping the character of his usual weapons and replacing them with… a feather duster?