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5-STAR REVIEW: "American Vampire" #20

Greg McElhatton gives "American Vampire" #20 5 stars saying of the Jordi Bernet-illustrated chapter in Scott Snyder's horror series, "You don't get much better than this."


REVIEW: "American Vampire" #19

Ryan K. Lindsay praises the latest issue of Scott Snyder's "American Vampire," giving it 4.5 stars and calling the series "one of the best...gracing our shelves right now."

Palmiotti and Gray Hit the Trail with

Palmiotti and Gray Hit the Trail with "All-Star Western"

Co-writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray spoke with CBR News about the transition from "Jonah Hex" to "All-Star Western" and their plans to expand the history of Gotham City.



Courtesy of DC Comics, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Jonah Hex" #61 by the writing team of Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti and artist Jordi Bernet. Hex gets a taste of the married life on November 3.

DRAW! Jordi Bernet Talks

DRAW! Jordi Bernet Talks "Jonah Hex"

In a rare interview, living legend Jordi Bernet shares how Sergio Leone inspires his take on the Old West, how you make a scarred face smile, and the one appearance of Hex he’d love to get his hands on.