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Gordon-Levitt on the

Gordon-Levitt on the "Exciting" Challenges of Making "Sandman"

Joseph Gordon-Levitt explains why it’s been so difficult for filmmakers to adapt Neil Gaiman’s epic "Sandman" fantasy series.

Gordon-Levitt, Brolin & Green Discuss Their Moves to

Gordon-Levitt, Brolin & Green Discuss Their Moves to "Sin City"

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Josh Brolin and Eva Green share their tales of joining the black-and-white world of Frank Miller's deadly burg.

"Crazy's Sounding Pretty Good Right Now" In New "Sin City 2" Trailer

The newest trailer for "Sin City: A Dame to Kill For" features new looks at developments for Nancy, Johnny, Dwight, Marv and more.

Dawson, Gordon-Levitt, Rourke & Brolin Get

Dawson, Gordon-Levitt, Rourke & Brolin Get "Sin City: A Dame to Kill For" Character Posters

Gail, Dwight, Marv and Johnny are the focus in "A Dame to Kill For" character posters featuring Rosario Dawson, Josh Brolin, Mickey Rourke and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Jack Thorne Tapped To Script

Jack Thorne Tapped To Script "The Sandman"

"A Long Way Down" screenwriter Jack Thorne has been hired to script Joseph Gordon-Levitt's upcoming "The Sandman" film.

Trying to Be Optimistic About a

Trying to Be Optimistic About a "Sandman" Movie, But...

With the news of Joseph Gordon-Levitt producing a “Sandman” movie, ROBOT 6’s Corey Blake wonders whether an adaptation of the landmark comic is a good idea.

Gordon-Levitt Attached to

Gordon-Levitt Attached to "Sandman" Film as Producer, Possible Star

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is reportedly "finalizing" a deal to produce a "Sandman" adaptation with David Goyer, and possibly star in the film.

RUMOR: David Goyer Pitched

RUMOR: David Goyer Pitched "Sandman" Movie Starring Gordon-Levitt

A new rumor has "Man of Steel" writer David S. Goyer in talks to adapt "Sandman" for Warner Bros., with Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the title role.

Kevin Feige Talks Gordon-Levitt, Paul Rudd

Kevin Feige Talks Gordon-Levitt, Paul Rudd "Ant-Man" Rumors

Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige addresses casting rumors of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Paul Rudd for "Ant-Man": ‘Nothing is true yet.’

Gordon-Levitt Denies

Gordon-Levitt Denies "Ant-Man" Reports

Actors Joseph Gordon-Levitt has denied a Monday report saying he and Paul Rudd are front-runners to star in Marvel Studios' "Ant-Man" film.

Does Marvel Want Joseph Gordon-Levitt For

Does Marvel Want Joseph Gordon-Levitt For "Doctor Strange"?

The latest rumor asserts Marvel Studios would like Joseph Gordon-Levitt to star as the Sorcerer Supreme in the long-discussed Doctor Strange movie.

Who Could Play Young Han Solo in Disney’s

Who Could Play Young Han Solo in Disney’s "Star Wars" Spinoff?

Following confirmation that Disney is developing standalone "Star Wars" films centering on established characters, our thoughts turn to who could step into Harrison Ford's boots for the rumored Han Solo origin story.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Joins

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Joins "Sin City: A Dame to Kill For"

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has passed on "Guardians of the Galaxy" and "Godzilla" in favor of a key role in "Sin City: A Dame to Kill For," the sequel to the 2005 noir hit from Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller.

"Dark Knight Rises'" Joseph Gordon-Levitt In Running for "Guardians of the Galaxy"

Already rumored to portray Batman in Warner Bros.’ "Justice League," Joseph Gordon-Levitt is now said to be among the contenders to play Star-Lord in Marvel’s "Guardians of the Galaxy."

Gordon-Levitt Rumored to Don Batman's Cowl for

Gordon-Levitt Rumored to Don Batman's Cowl for "Justice League" Film

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is rumored to have signed a deal to appear as Batman in Warner Bros.' long-developing "Justice League" film, fueling speculation about a possible cameo in Zack Snyder's "Man of Steel." Updated

Jonathan Nolan On Controversial Ending of

Jonathan Nolan On Controversial Ending of "The Dark Knight Rises"

Jonathan Nolan explained why he thinks the open-ended conclusion of "The Dark Knight Rises" is important, stating that the surprise ending is vague for a reason.



"Looper," writer/director Rian Johnson crafts a wonderful examination of violence that, thanks in part to strong performances by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis and Emily Blunt, easily ranks among the best films of the year.

"Looper's" Rian Johnson Discusses Marketing, Musicals and Violence

"Looper" writer/director Rian Johnson spoke with SPINOFF ONLINE about keeping aspects of the sci-fi thriller under wraps, getting Joseph Gordon-Levitt's prosthetics just right and depicting violence on screen.


SPINOFF REVIEW: "Premium Rush"

Burdened by confused tone, thin story and half-baked coincidences, fast-paced thriller "Premium Rush" still may be worthwhile viewing, if only for the performance of Michael Shannon as the delightfully unhinged villain.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, David Koepp Talk Bikes, Stunts &

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, David Koepp Talk Bikes, Stunts & "Premium Rush"

"Premium Rush" writer/director David Koepp and star Joseph Gordon-Levitt talk with SPINOFF ONLINE about capturing New York City and balancing safety concerns with acting performances in their new thriller.


CCI: "Looper" Director Rian Johnson Reveals Inspiration, New Footage

"Looper" writer/director Rian Johnson and stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Emily Blunt appeared in Hall H of Comic-Con International to screen new footage of the highly anticipated futuristic thriller.

11 New Images Arrive For

11 New Images Arrive For "The Dark Knight Rises"

With "The Dark Knight Rises" opening in only a matter of hours, Warner Bros. has released 11 new images from the final installment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy.

CCI: Gordon-Levitt, Johnson and Blunt Discuss

CCI: Gordon-Levitt, Johnson and Blunt Discuss "Looper"

Director Rian Johnson and stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt talked with reporters at Comic-Con International about" Looper," the futuristic action thriller in which an assassin is hired to kill his future self.

Director, Cast Discuss

Director, Cast Discuss "Dark Knight Rises" Challenges & Rewards

Christopher and Jonathan Nolan, Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway and more cast and crew discuss their third and final Batman film, "The Dark Knight Rises," from its literary influences to filming in NYC and more.

"Dark Knight Rises" Debuts Clip, Trailer, On Track For Record Opening

As "The Dark Knight Rises" is on track towards a record-setting opening weekend, Christopher Nolan's final Batman film debuts a new clip and trailer that serves as a retrospective for the trilogy.

"Dark Knight Rises" Site Reveals John Blake's Background

Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays John Blake in "The Dark Knight Rises," but little has been known about the character until now. A tie-in site for Christopher Nolan-directed film reveals new insights.

"Dark Knight Rises" Debuts Trailer During MTV Movie Awards

During last night's MTV Movie Awards, director Christopher Nolan and the stars of "The Dark Knight Rises" introduced a new 90-second clip for "The Dark Knight Rises." SPINOFF has the details.

"Dark Knight Rises" Rolls Out First TV Spots, 11 New Stills

Warner Bros. has begun the promotional sprint for "The Dark Knight Rises" with the debut of two television spots and 11 new production stills.

Nolan screens

Nolan screens "The Dark Knight Rises" Prologue in Los Angeles

Director Christopher Nolan screened about 8 minutes of footage from "The Dark Knight Rises" for journalists Thursday night in Los Angeles and CBR News was there to take it all in.



Led by stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen, director Jonathan Levin's comedy-drama "50/50" deftly tackles cancer, avoiding a weep-fest while finding a balance between the horrible and the hilarious.

Gotham Crumbles in

Gotham Crumbles in "The Dark Knight Rises" Poster

Warner Bros. has unveiled the first teaser poster for Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight Rises," which places the iconic Batman symbol inside a crumbling city scape.

Gordon-Levitt, Cotillard Officially Join

Gordon-Levitt, Cotillard Officially Join "Dark Knight Rises"

Warner Bros. has officially announced the long-rumored casting of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Marion Cotillard in Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight Rises," albeit in roles nobody expected.

SPINOFF: Gordon-Levitt Officially Joins

SPINOFF: Gordon-Levitt Officially Joins "Dark Knight" Cast

After weeks of negotiations, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is officially on his way to Gotham City as a cast member of "The Dark Knight Rises," though his role in the movie remains a mystery.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt To Join

Joseph Gordon-Levitt To Join "The Dark Knight Rises"

Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in talks to join the cast of "The Dark Knight Rises," reuniting him with his "Inception" director Christopher Nolan and co-star Tom Hardy. His role in the film is currently unknown.

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