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Dynamite Announces

Dynamite Announces "King" Crossover Event Uniting Comic Strip Heroes

Flash Gordon, Mandrake the Magician, Prince Valiant, The Phantom and Jungle Jim will star in five new limited series under the "King" banner starting in January.

When Words Collide - 10/21/2013

When Words Collide - 10/21/2013

Tim jumps back to 1935 and reflects on Alex Raymond, "Flash Gordon" and "Jungle Jim" and IDW's oversized collection of those classic comics.

Kidwell Faces

Kidwell Faces "Hardship," Drafts "Jungle Jim" for "'68"

Writer Mark Kidwell broadens his Vietnam-era zombie epic "'68" with a pair of new one-shots, "Hardship" and "Jungle Jim," coming out through Image Comics.