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Lemire Leads

Lemire Leads "Justice League United" to the Great White North

Writer Jeff Lemire plays fantasy GM, cherry-picking "the craziest, most fun team" that he could for the April-launching "Justice League United."

Lemire & McKone Take

Lemire & McKone Take "Justice League United" To Canada and Beyond

"Justice League United," Jeff Lemire & Mike McKone's Justice League title, will split its time between the Great White North and outer space.

EXCLUSIVE: Lemire Discusses Ending

EXCLUSIVE: Lemire Discusses Ending "Animal Man" in March

Jeff Lemire spoke exclusively with CBR about the end of "Animal Man," drawing the final issue & Buddy Baker's move to "Justice League of Canada."


Lemire's "Animal Man" To Conclude in March

Writer Jeff Lemire has announced "Animal Man" #29 will conclude both his run with the character and the DC Comics series as a whole in March.

"Justice League Canada" to Introduce Young Cree Superheroine

Jeff Lemire's upcoming "Justice League Canada" will introduce a new superheroine whose background and powers are tied to the Cree culture.

Kindt Turns

Kindt Turns "Justice League of America" Into a Martian Manhunter/Stargirl Team-Up

In a "Forever Evil" tie-in, Matt Kindt teams with Doug Mahnke & Christian Alamy for a "JLA" arc featuring Martian Manhunter and Stargirl on the run from the Secret Society with secrets to be revealed.

Fan Expo: DC Entertainment All Access

Fan Expo: DC Entertainment All Access

Jeff Lemire, Lee Bermejo, Tony Daniel and others discuss the Justice League's move to Canada, the upcoming "Superman/Wonder Woman" title and more at Fan Expo Canada.

CBR's Ten Most Important Canadian Comic Book Heroes

CBR's Ten Most Important Canadian Comic Book Heroes

In light of DC Comics' "Justice League of America" transitioning to "Justice League of Canada" in the spring, we rank 10 of Canada's best comic book superheroes.

JL, Eh? Lemire Introduces the

JL, Eh? Lemire Introduces the "Justice League of Canada"

Canadian cartoonist Jeff Lemire is taking over as writer of "Justice League of America," sharing exclusive details with CBR about the series' shift to "Justice League of Canada," the new Adam Strange and more.


DC's "Justice League of America" to Become "Justice League Canada"

DC Comics is announcing today at Fan Expo Canada that "Justice League of America" will be renamed "Justice League Canada" next spring as the team relocates in the aftermath of Trinity War and "Forever Evil."