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Lemire Reveals Name, Powers of

Lemire Reveals Name, Powers of "Justice League United's" Cree Heroine

Code-named Equinox, "Justice League United's" new hero is a 16-year-old whose power comes from the Earth and changes with the seasons.

Lemire Leads

Lemire Leads "Justice League United" to the Great White North

Writer Jeff Lemire plays fantasy GM, cherry-picking "the craziest, most fun team" that he could for the April-launching "Justice League United."

"Batman Eternal," "Justice League United" Arrive in DC Comics' April 2014 Solicitations

The first four issues of "Batman Eternal" and the debut of "Justice League United" headline DC Comics' April 2014 releases.

Lemire & McKone Take

Lemire & McKone Take "Justice League United" To Canada and Beyond

"Justice League United," Jeff Lemire & Mike McKone's Justice League title, will split its time between the Great White North and outer space.

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