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Antony Johnston Blasts

Antony Johnston Blasts "The Fuse" Into Second Arc

CBR caught up with prolific writer Antony Johnston about the future of his Image Comics space-cop series "The Fuse" as the first trade launches.

EXCL PREVIEW: Rucka & Greenwood's

EXCL PREVIEW: Rucka & Greenwood's "Stumptown" v3 #1

Greg Rucka's fan-favorite private eye returns in a new ongoing series from Oni Press illustrated by Justin Greenwood. Read an exclusive preview!

ECCC: Oni Press Teases 2014, Looks to 2015

ECCC: Oni Press Teases 2014, Looks to 2015

Oni Press editors and creators, including Cullen Bunn, Joshua Hale Fialkov and Greg Rucka, gathered to discuss the publisher's upcoming projects.

Rucka Brings a

Rucka Brings a "Cruel Edge" to New Volume of "Stumptown"

Acclaimed writer Greg Rucka tells CBR about returning to his creator-owned P.I. series Stumptown, this time joined by artist Justin Greenwood.

Oni Announces

Oni Announces "Sixth Gun" Prequel, "Stumptown" and "Helheim" Return, More

Oni Press has revealed much of their upcoming publishing slate, including new work from Greg Rucka, Jeff Parker and Joe & Anthony Russo.


PREVIEW: "Wasteland's" Johnston & Greenwood Light "The Fuse" #1

Writer Antony Johnston and artist Justin Greenwood bring homicide investigation to deep space in Image Comics' "The Fuse" #1, on sale Feb. 12!

Johnston & Greenwood Ignite

Johnston & Greenwood Ignite "The Fuse"

"Wasteland" creative team Antony Johnston & Justin Greenwood re-team for the new Image Comics sci-fi/crime series, "The Fuse."

PREVIEW: Streets Run Red in Johnston & Greenwood's

PREVIEW: Streets Run Red in Johnston & Greenwood's "Wasteland" #50

The final arc of Oni's "Wasteland" continues with the branded man's quest coming to an end. "Wasteland" #50 by Antony Johnston & Justin Greenwood is on sale now.

PRESS RELEASE: "Wasteland" Goes Monthly with #33 for $1

CCI: Guggenheim & Greenwood Talk

CCI: Guggenheim & Greenwood Talk "Stringers"

Writer Marc Guggenheim and artist Justin Greenwood spoke with CBR News about their newly announced Oni Press miniseries "Stringers," what it means for the future of "Resurrection" and more.

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