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Valiant First Initiative Includes

Valiant First Initiative Includes "Rai," "Dr. Mirage" Series

Valiant's upcoming Valiant First initiative brings five months of new #1 issues, including new series for "Rai" and "Dr. Mirage"

EXCLUSIVE: Artist Kano Joins Asmus on Robot-Filled

EXCLUSIVE: Artist Kano Joins Asmus on Robot-Filled "Quantum and Woody"

"Quantum and Woody" writer James Asmus discusses the April-launching, robot-featuring arc which sees Kano join the team as series artist.

REVIEW: Soule, Pina & Kano's

REVIEW: Soule, Pina & Kano's "Swamp Thing Annual" #2

Charles Soule, Javier Pina & Kano bring a brief history of the Green to "Swamp Thing Annual" #2 in a "surprisingly fascinating" issue.


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Swamp Thing" #22

Courtesy of DC Comics, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Swamp Thing" #22 by Charles Soule & Kano. Constantine and Swamp Thing encounter a tree that bears whiskey instead of fruit July 3.

Soule Gets Bogged Down in

Soule Gets Bogged Down in "Swamp Thing"

Charles Soule, creator of Image Comics' "27," sets out for the marshlands as the new writer of "Swamp Thing" for DC Comics. CBR News spoke with him about his plans to dig deep into the heart of the character.

Charles Soule Announced As New

Charles Soule Announced As New "Swamp Thing" Writer

Following the exit of Scott Snyder from "Swamp Thing," DC newcomer Charles Soule will take over writing duties on the book with KANO on interior art beginning with issue #19 in April.


REVIEW: "Swamp Thing" #0

Andy Liegl gives "Swamp Thing" #0 by Scott Snyder and Kano 4 stars, saying Kano's artwork "adds personality to the book and a feeling of detachment from the rest of the DC Universe."

PREVIEW: Snyder's

PREVIEW: Snyder's "Swamp Thing" #0

DC Comics has released a first look at "Swamp Thing" #0 by Scott Snyder with art by Kano. The mystery of Alec Holland and Anton Arcane become revealed September 5.


REVIEW: "Wonder Woman" #10

Greg McElhatton gives "Wonder Woman" #10 4 stars, saying the issue by Brian Azzarello and Kano "continues the trend of strong comics for this series, both in writing and art."


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Azzarello's "Wonder Woman" #11

DC Comics has provided CBR with an exclusive preview of "Wonder Woman" #10. The issue, by Brian Azzarello, Kano and Tony Akins with Cliff Chiang on cover art, goes on sale June 20.

Exclusive Preview:

Exclusive Preview: "Daredevil #8"

Courtesy of Marvel Comics, ROBOT 6 presents a look at "Daredevil #8" by writer Mark Waid and artist Kano. The second part of a crossover with "Amazing Spider-Man" features both the wall-crawler and the Black Cat.


REVIEW: "Iron Man" #500

Benjamin Bailey looks at "Iron Man" #500 by Matt Fraction, giving it a four star review, praising the four artists and saying the issue "shows what a great creative team can do when it’s given the room to stretch its legs."

Van Lente Hungers for

Van Lente Hungers for "Marvel Zombies 5"

Machine Man kicks off a gore-spattered tour of the zombie infested Multiverse in "Marvel Zombies 5." We spoke with Fred Van Lente about his plans for the next installment in the best selling franchise. Updated with Exclusive Art.

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