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COMIC REEL: Guggenheim On 'Flash' Crossover; Kinberg On 'Deadpool'

COMIC REEL: Guggenheim On 'Flash' Crossover; Kinberg On 'Deadpool'

Marc Guggenheim discusses the upcoming "awesome" "Arrow" event; Simon Kinberg welcomes "Deadpool" to Fox's extended X-Men family and more.

"Dredd: The Musical" Makes a Rousing Case for "Dredd" Sequel

While a sequel to 2012's "Dredd" starring Karl Urban seems unlikely, the most convincing argument for it yet might just be a musical reimagining.

Wyatt Brings Back

Wyatt Brings Back "Dredd 3D" in "Judge Dredd: Underbelly"

Writer Arthur Wyatt reveals details about "Judge Dredd: Underbelly," the official sequel to last year's cult film "Dredd 3D," featuring the hard-lined future cop's adventures in dystopian Mega-City one.


SDCC: "2000 AD" Endorses Unofficial "Dredd" Sequel Campaign

PR coordinator Michael Molcher explains why "2000 AD" is endorsing "Make a DREDD Sequel," the unofficial, fan-run campaign for a follow-up to the Karl Urban film and how the movie's led to a measurable spike in comic sales..


SDCC: "Almost Human" Creator, Stars Consider Future of Crime and Humanity

The creator and stars of "Almost Human" appeared at Comic-Con International to screen the pilot of Fox's new sci-fi crime drama, which attempts to answer the question of what it means to be human.

"Star Trek Into Darkness" Debuts Booming Announcement Teaser

Paramount has released a teaser for J.J. Abrams’ "Star Trek Into Darkness" featuring "Inception"-like music, threatening voiceover from Benedict Cumberbatch, the crew in peril -- and more!

Screenwriter Alex Garland Sets His Sights on

Screenwriter Alex Garland Sets His Sights on "Dredd 3D"

Alex Garland spoke with CBR about adapting "Dredd 3D" from its "2000 AD" roots to the big screen, his thoughts on Karl Urban's turn as the titular character and his vision for the future of the fledgling franchise.

Urban Protects MegaCity-One in Final

Urban Protects MegaCity-One in Final "DREDD" Poster

Lionsgate and 2000 AD have released the final poster for the upcoming "DREDD" film, featuring Karl Urban as the titular Judge looking over MegaCity-One as buildings burn in the background.

CCI: 35 Years of Judge Dredd and

CCI: 35 Years of Judge Dredd and "2000 AD" Panel

Karl Urban gatecrashed 2000 AD's CCI panel to gush over his love of the Judge Dredd comics, "2000 AD" EIC Matt Smith revealed the future of the comics and IDW's Chris Ryall announced the new writer for the U.S. ongoing.

CCI: Karl Urban Judges

CCI: Karl Urban Judges "Dredd"

"Dredd" stars Karl Urban and Olivia Thirlby spoke to CBR News at Comic-Con about shooting in 3D, acting with only a chin and what dark villains Urban wants to see in future films.

CBR TV @ CCI: Karl Urban and Olivia Thirlby Bring

CBR TV @ CCI: Karl Urban and Olivia Thirlby Bring "Dredd" to San Diego

"Dredd" actors Karl Urban and Olivia Thirlby discuss their roles and character work in the upcoming Judge Dredd film adaptation.



Based on the classic 2000 AD character, "DREDD" is a dark, gritty, beautifully violent film with highly impressive 3D, a simple yet exciting story and a standout performance by Karl Urban's chin.

"Dredd" Dispenses Justice in Comic-Con Motion Poster

Lionsgate has released a new motion poster to promote the free advance screening of "Dredd" in San Diego during Comic-Con International. The film, starring Karl Urban, Lena heady and Olivia Thirlby, opens Sept. 21.


First "Dredd" Trailer Debuts

The first full-length trailer for Lionsgate's "Dredd" has debuted demonstrating Karl Urban's ability to deliver 2000 AD's iconic Judge's one-liners with a suitably gravelly voice and a steely edge.

Judgment Is Coming in the First

Judgment Is Coming in the First "Dredd" Poster

Karl Urban poses as Judge Dredd in the first poster for Lionsgate's upcoming "Dredd" reboot directed by Pete Travis hitting in September.

New Karl Urban as Judge Dredd Pic Surfaces

New Karl Urban as Judge Dredd Pic Surfaces

A new photo has surfaced of Karl Urban as a scowling, helmeted Judge Dredd in director Pete Travis' upcoming adaptation of the long-running "2000 AD" comic strip. The film opens September 21.

Is Rogue Trooper Heading to Hollywood?

Is Rogue Trooper Heading to Hollywood?

Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley spoke with CBR News exclusively, revealing Hollywood negotiations for two 2000 AD properties in addition to the upcoming Karl Urban-starring "Judge Dredd" film.

"Dredd" Movie Panel From 2000AD To Kapow! Con

CBR has the EXCLUSIVE news that "Dredd" producer Andrew MacDonald is headed to Mark Millar's April Kapow! Comic Con in London with a first look at the Karl Urban-starring relaunch of the famed 2000AD property on film.

First Still of Karl Urban As

First Still of Karl Urban As "Dredd" Hits

In advance of the film relaunch of their signature character, 2000AD release the very first still of Karl Urban as Judge Dredd from the R-rated "Dredd" which just began filming in South Africa.

Schwentke & di Bonaventura Work

Schwentke & di Bonaventura Work "RED"

Director Robert Schwentke and producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura describe the process of moving from Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner’s dark comic book miniseries to the light-hearted ensemble action comedy that is “RED."

The CBR Review:

The CBR Review: "RED"

"RED," the latest love letter to action and caper films of a bygone era, features strong performances from a cast of Oscar notables and an adaptation that expands the world far beyond the comic upon which it is based.

Willis & Urban Walk the

Willis & Urban Walk the "RED" Carpet

"RED" co-stars Bruce Willis and Karl Urban spoke about working together on the Summit Entertainment adaptation of the DC Comics title, the ambitiousness of the film and filming a rather painful fight scene.


CCI: "Red" Press Conference

Stars Helen Mirren, Bruce Willis and Karl Urban joined series creators Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner after their panel at Comic-Con International to discuss comics, adapting "Red" to film and old age.

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