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Vieceli RSVPs for

Vieceli RSVPs for "Young Avengers" Afterparty, Attends "Vampire Academy"

Artist Emma Vieceli talks to CBR News about her busy schedule, "Young Avengers," "The Avalon Chronicles" an exclusive look at the next "Vampire Academy" graphic novel and more.

REVIEW: Gillen & Brown's

REVIEW: Gillen & Brown's "Young Avengers" #6

Greg McElhatton gives "Young Avengers" #6 4 stars, saying the issue by Kieron Gillen and guest artist Kate Brown " is defiantly showing other series how it should be done."

Gillen Mothers the

Gillen Mothers the "Young Avengers"

"Young Avengers" writer Kieron Gillen discusses the fallout resulting from Wiccan's accidental summoning of the malevolent entity named Mother, plus an upcoming one-off issue featuring Speed and Prodigy.

PRESS RELEASE: Scott Snyder and Sara Pichelli Latest New Additions to Kapow! Guest List