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REVIEW: Immonen & Lafuente's

REVIEW: Immonen & Lafuente's "Avengers Annual" #1

Kathryn Immonen and David Lafuente deliver a holiday-themed "Avengers Annual" #1, "a very fun, enjoyable and kind-spirited Christmas delight"

Fan Expo: Marvel:

Fan Expo: Marvel: "Infinity" & Beyond

As the Avengers wage war with Thanos in "Infinity," creators including Kathryn and Stuart Immonen joined executive editor Tom Brevoort to discuss the latest in Marvel Comics.

I Come Not to Bury Sif, but to Praise Her

I Come Not to Bury Sif, but to Praise Her

With the news that Marvel's "Journey into Mystery" #655 by Kathryn Immonen, Valeria Schiti & Jordie Bellaire is the final issue of the series, ROBOT 6's Carla Hoffman reflects on Sif's brief run in the title.


4-STAR REVIEW: "Journey Into Mystery" #652

Doug Zawisza gives Kathryn Immonen and Valerio Schitti's "Journey Into Mystery" 4 stars, saying it features "smart, sassy writing, gorgeous art and surprisingly human characters."


REVIEW: "A+X" #5

Kelly Thompson gives "A+X" #5 4 stars, calling the short-story issue by Kathryn Immonen, David LaFuente, Kieron Gillen and Joe Bennett "one of the best yet with chemistry laden pairings."


REVIEW: "Journey Into Mystery" #648

Kelly Thompson gives "Journey Into Mystery" #648 4 stars, saying Kathryn Immonen and Valerio Schitti bring "a deftness of hand in both idea and execution that makes "Journey Into Mystery" a joy to read."


Immonen's "Journey" Takes Sif to Midgard and Other Realities

CBR spoke to "Journey Into Mystery" writer Kathryn Immonen about her plans to send the warrior goddess Sif to a strange new reality and a team up with the Superior Spider-Man.

PRESS RELEASE: Marvel NOW! Teases Immonen & Scalera's "Ravenous"


4.5 STAR REVIEW: "Journey Into Mystery" #647

Doug Zawisza gives Kathryn Immonen and Valerio Schiti's "Journey Into Mystery" #647 4.5 stars, calling it "one of the best Marvel NOW! has to offer" and praising Sif's characterization.

When Words Collide - 12/3/2012

When Words Collide - 12/3/2012

This week, Tim checks out some new first issues of comics that are completely worth your time to check out from talents like Matt Fraction, Mike Allred, Brandon Graham, Zack Soto, Kathryn Immonen and more!

Comics A.M. - Two Graphic Novels Crack Costa Book Awards Shortlist

Comics A.M. - Two Graphic Novels Crack Costa Book Awards Shortlist

"Dotter of Her Father’s Eyes" and " Days of the Bagnold Summer" shortlisted for Costa Book Awards! How The Guardian created its U.S. election webcomic! Kathryn Immonen on "Journey Into Mystery"! Gabrielle Bell on "The Voyeurs"!

In Your Face Jam - 10/10/2012

In Your Face Jam - 10/10/2012

Brett White lays down his laws for those attending New York Comic Con this weekend, though they're pretty much applicable for any convention from now through infinity.

Immonen Embarks Upon a

Immonen Embarks Upon a "Journey Into Mystery"

With November's "Journey Into Mystery" #646, the focus of the title shifts from Loki to the Asgardian warrior goddess Sif. We spoke with new writer Kathryn Immonen about her plans for the series and character.

Immonen Leads Sif On A

Immonen Leads Sif On A "Journey Into Mystery"

Marvel Comics' newly announced “Journey Into Mystery” writer Kathryn Immonen discussed her upcoming run on the title and switching focus from Loki to Sif. UPDATE: The series price will remain at $2.99 an issue.


REVIEW: "Avenging Spider-Man" #7

James Hunt gives "Avenging Spider-Man" #7 4.5 stars calling the issue by Kathryn and Stuart Immonen "an oasis of understated brilliance and gives you exactly what you want to read."



James Hunt gives "AVX: VS" #1 5 stars saying of the issue, "the real joy is seeing the characters deploy their powers in interesting ways on an unusual stage, without any interruptions."



Marvel Comics has provided CBR with an exclusive preview of the first three pages from both "AvX: Versus" #1 stories in their final, lettered form featuring Iron Man and the Thing throwing down with Magneto and Namor!

Immonen Gives Marquee Placement For

Immonen Gives Marquee Placement For "AVX VS" #1 Variant

Marvel has revealed Stuart Immonen's variant cover for "AVX VS" #1 modeled after a boxing marquee poster featuring the conflicts of Iron Man vs. Magneto and Thing vs. Namor. The battles begin April 25.



Marvel has released a first look at "AVX: VS" #1 written by Jason Aaron and Kathryn Immonen with art by Adam Kubert and Stuart Immonen. Magneto and Iron Man battle it out on land, while Namor and Thing take to the seas April 25.

Pipeline - 1/24/2012

Pipeline - 1/24/2012

Augie's review of the recently-collected 'Wolverine and Jubilee' miniseries quickly turns into an appreciation of Tom Orzechowski's lettering.


PREVIEW: "Avengers Origins: Thor"

Marvel has released an early look at Kathryn Immonen's "Avengers Origins: Thor," a one-shot starring the god of thunder scheduled to hit stores on Wednesday, November 30.


REVIEW: "Wolverine & Jubilee" #3

CBR reviewer Kelly Thompson gives "Wolverine and Jubilee" #3 4.5 stars calling the title by writer Kathryn Immonen and artist Phil Noto "the kind of miniseries that makes one wish it was an ongoing"

X-POSITION: Kathryn Immonen

X-POSITION: Kathryn Immonen

Join X-POSITION this week as Kathryn Immonen vamps things up in "Wolverine and Jubilee" and we learn just how "wrong" certain storylines can be in different states. All this plus exclusive art!

Immonen and Captain America's Lucky Number

Immonen and Captain America's Lucky Number "Thirteen"

Updated with new art! With March's "Captain America and the First Thirteen" one-shot, writer Kathryn Immonen brings readers a tale of love and war starring Captain America and his first love, Peggy Carter.


ADVANCE PREVIEW: "Wolverine and Jubilee" #1

Marvel Comics has released an advance preview for "Wolverine and Jubilee" #1 by Kathryn Immonen and Phil Noto. The series, featuring covers by Olivier Coipel and Nimit Malavia, hits stores January 19, 2011.

FIRST LOOK: Coipel Covers

FIRST LOOK: Coipel Covers "Wolverine & Jubilee"

Marvel has provided CBR with an exclusive first look at Olivier Coipel's cover for "Wolverine and Jubilee" #1. The mini, written by Kathryn Immonen with art by Phil Noto, hits stores January 2011.

NYCC: Immonen Gets Bloodthirsty With

NYCC: Immonen Gets Bloodthirsty With "Wolverine & Jubilee"

In the four issue "Wolverine & Jubilee: Curse of the Mutants," Wolverine will try and help Jubilee tame the monster that now lives inside her. We spoke with writer Kathryn Immonen about the book.

Immonen Summons Her

Immonen Summons Her "Heralds"

This June in the five issue weekly miniseries "Heralds," an all-star team of heroes must protect Earth from one of Galactus' resurrected and rampaging Heralds. We spoke with writer Kathryn Immonen about the project.

Fan Expo: Immonen on “X-Men: Pixie Strikes Back”

Fan Expo: Immonen on “X-Men: Pixie Strikes Back”

UPDATED! As an X-Man, Pixie has endured a lot of traumas and tragedies, but has maintained a positive attitude, but that optimism is put to the test in "Pixie Strikes Back,” by writer Kathryn Immonent.

PRESS RELEASE: Kathryn Immonen and Challengers Comics Host Charity Cookout

Kathryn & Stuart Immonen talk

Kathryn & Stuart Immonen talk "Moving Pictures"

When not saving the Marvel Universe in "Patsy Walker: Hellcat" and "Ultimate Spider-Man," the Immonens are collaborating on a weekly webcomic exploring World War II art theft.

Raising Hell(cat): Lafuente Draws “Patsy Walker

Raising Hell(cat): Lafuente Draws “Patsy Walker"

David Lafuente uses his considerable skills to depict snowy, sub-zero action in July's “Patsy Walker: Hellcat." CBR spoke with him about his work with the Marvel heroine, whom he calls "a charming and glamorous kick-ass woman-mixtape."

Northern Exposure: Immonen talks

Northern Exposure: Immonen talks "Patsy Walker: Hellcat”

Alaska gets its own superhero in July, when “Patsy Walker: Hellcat” #1 hits the stands courtesy of Kathryn Immonen and David Lafuente. CBR spoke with Immonen about the miniseries and why Patsy Walker stands out in the Marvel Universe.

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