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CCI: Monkeybrain's Roberson is a

CCI: Monkeybrain's Roberson is a "Poor Publisher"

Co-Publishers Chris Roberson, Allison Baker and the Monkeybrain Comics creators reveal their upcoming digital-first projects -- and attempt to convince Bill Willingham they're not crazy.

CCI: Keatinge & Garing Go

CCI: Keatinge & Garing Go "Intergalactic" for Monkeybrain

Writer Joe Keatinge and artist Ken Garing talk to CBR News about "Intergalactic," the newest digital comic book series from Monkeybrain Comics announced at CCI 2012.

PRESS RELEASE: Image's "Planetoid" #1 Sells Out, Goes Back to Press For Second Printing


Garing's "Planetoid" is a Real Space Case

Ken Garing's upcoming Image Comics miniseries finds a career soldier and all-around badass trying to survive after crash landing on a mysterious planet. CBR spoke with him for details.

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