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PRESS RELEASE: iVerse Media and Ape Announce Exclusive Partnership

PRESS RELEASE: Ape Brings "Casper" Back to Comics

PRESS RELEASE: First Issue of Scratch9 Sells Out from Ape Entertainment

PRESS RELEASE: Ape Entertainment Publishes "Megamind" and "Kung Fu Panda 2" Comics

CCI: Ape Entertainment Spotlights Kizoic Titles

CCI: Ape Entertainment Spotlights Kizoic Titles

A dedicated crowd gathered at Comic-Con International to learn about Ape Entertainment’s all-ages Kizoic imprint and their deal to turn DreamWorks Animation titles into comics.

PRESS RELEASE: "Scratch9" to Debut at Comic-Con


PREVIEW: "Scratch9" #2

Courtesy of Ape Entertainment's Kizoic label, CBR presents a preview of the second issue of their all-ages series "Scratch 9," created and written by Rob M. Worley with Jason T. Kruse on art and a cover by Mike Kunkel.

Weisman Founds A

Weisman Founds A "Mecha-Nation"

The writer behind animated hits "Gargoyles" and "Spectacular Spider-Man," Greg Weisman teams up with his former TV partners for an all-ages blast of high school superhero action from Ape Entertainment's KiZoic label.

Rob Worley's

Rob Worley's "Scratch9" Lives

Rob Worley's new all-ages KiZoic miniseries follows the adventures of a kitty who can summon all nine of his lives to aid him in the sorts of things cats do - up to and including foiling a mad scientist's evil plans.

EXCLUSIVE: Ape Entertainment Brings Dreamworks To Comics

EXCLUSIVE: Ape Entertainment Brings Dreamworks To Comics

With plans for "Shrek" and "Penguins of Madagascar" comic series as well as the teen superhero "Mecha-Nation," indie publisher Ape Entertainment sets its sights on kids publishing in 2010 with their new KiZoic imprint.

PRESS RELEASE: Ape-Entertainment Announces The Launch Of "KiZoic"