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"Kramer's" Harkham Has "Everything Together"

"Kramer's Ergot" editor Sammy Harkham's short stories from the past decade are collected in the just released "Everything Together." CBR spoke with him about the retrospective work and plans for a future "Kramer's."

Making the comics he wants to see: Sammy Harkham on

Making the comics he wants to see: Sammy Harkham on "Kramers Ergot 8"

ROBOT 6's Sean T. Collins holds an engaging conversation with Sammy Harkham, editor of "Kramers Ergot," about the eighth volume of his landmark anthology series. Check out art by Johnny Ryan, CF, Dash Shaw and more.

Gabrielle Bell Moves On After

Gabrielle Bell Moves On After "Mome"

Cartoonist Gabrielle Bell discusses the final issue of "Mome," privacy in autobiographical comics and the struggle to craft the perfect short story.

When Words Collide - 12/31/2008

When Words Collide - 12/31/2008

Tim sits down with literally the biggest book of the year and compares it to two recent comics from Marvel and DC. Gun-toting angels, decapitations, and fancy hats are all on display as he begins "Confronting Kramers."

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