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Skottie Young Revisits the Emerald City in

Skottie Young Revisits the Emerald City in "Road to Oz"

CBR News talks to artist Skottie Young about adapting the fifth book in L. Frank Baum’s Oz series, "The Road to Oz", for Marvel, as well as how long he might stay in Oz.

Comic Book Legends Revealed - Baum's

Comic Book Legends Revealed - Baum's "Oz" Comics, Jack Staff & Kitty Pryde

The bizarre tale of the dueling "Wizard of Oz" comic strips from the turn of the 20th Century! Was Jack Staff originally going to be a Union Jack comic book? And what did Chris Claremont have planned for Kitty Pryde?

Pipeline - 4/10/2012

Pipeline - 4/10/2012

Occupational hazard: Everything you see and do relates to comics. This week, Augie saw "Wicked" on Broadway and a lot of it seemed familiar, as a comic fan.


Kovac's "Royal Historian of Oz"

In 2050, a third-rate author strives to carry on L. Frank Baum's legacy as the Royal Historian of Oz, and a startling discover might just allow him to do it. CBR spoke with Tommy Kovac about his upcoming SLG title.


Shanower's "Little Adventures in Oz"

"Little Adventures in Oz," collecting Eric Shanower's original Oz stories, arrives in January from IDW. We spoke with the creator about his adventures on the yellow brick road, including his current excursion with Marvel.

PRESS RELEASE: Marvel announces Free "Wizard of Oz" Sketchbook Preview