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Maberry Returns With Apocalyptic

Maberry Returns With Apocalyptic "Marvel Universe Vs. The Avengers"

In the third of a series of post-apocalyptic adventures that started with the Punisher and then Wolverine, writer Jonathan Maberry teams with Leandro Fernandez for a "Marvel Universe Vs. The Avengers" mini series.

X-POSITION: Abnett & Lanning Move Forward With

X-POSITION: Abnett & Lanning Move Forward With "New Mutants"

"New Mutants" writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning discuss upcoming character developments and hint at something greater in light of a recent announcement. Plus exclusive art!


ADVANCE PREVIEW: "New Mutants" #25

Marvel has released an advance look at "New Mutants" #25 featuring the debut of Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning and Leandro Fernandez. With covers by Marko Djurdjevic, Arthur Adams and Jorge Molina, the issue hits May 11.

EXCLUSIVE: First Look At

EXCLUSIVE: First Look At "Hit-Girl" & "Supercrooks"

The next two Millarworld titles on tap from Mark Millar, CBR News has an exclusive first look at the art by Leandro Fernandez for "Hit-Girl" #1 and Leinil Yu's first teaser for the heist story "Supercrooks."

KAPOW: Millar Talks Four New Titles

KAPOW: Millar Talks Four New Titles

From a "Kick-Ass" spinoff starring fan favorite Hit-Girl to a Leinil Yu-drawn heist comic to mystery collaborations with big names like Dave Gibbons and Frank Quitely, Mark Millar tells CBR first his next year of plans for Millarworld.

X-Men MMXI: New Mutants

X-Men MMXI: New Mutants

Marvel Comics announces the incoming team for the "New Mutants" monthly starting with May's issue #25 as Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning and Leandro Fernandez in their latest conference call with CBR on hand for all the news.

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