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In Your Face Jam - 6/11/2014

In Your Face Jam - 6/11/2014

Brett comes clean as a video game novice and reveals what the brick-based Marvel adventure has taught him.

Marvel and LEGO Assemble

Marvel and LEGO Assemble "Maximum Overload" Web Series

Loki will unleash mischief in "LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Maximum Overload," a 10-episode web series launching today on Disney.com, the Disney YouTube channel and elsewhere.

Stan Lee Powers Up In

Stan Lee Powers Up In "LEGO Marvel Super Heroes" Trailer

Marvel, TT Games and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have released a new trailer and screenshots for "LEGO Marvel Super Heroes" featuring the legendary Stan Lee as a playable character.

Doom's Plan Unveiled in New

Doom's Plan Unveiled in New "LEGO Marvel Super Heroes" Trailer

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has released a new trailer for "LEGO Marvel Super Heroes," which features a new look at Dr. Doom's evil plan and the giant visage of LEGO Galactus.

SDCC: Breaking Bricks With

SDCC: Breaking Bricks With "LEGO Marvel Super Heroes"

Iron Man, Spider-Man and others team up to save Asgard in style during a demo level of "LEGO Marvel Super Heroes" showcased at Comic-Con International 2013.

Two New

Two New "LEGO Marvel Super Heroes" Trailers Tease Stan Lee

New "LEGO Marvel Super Heroes" trailers introduce the larger side of the Marvel Universe as well as the first look at Stan Lee as a playable character as he web-swings and Hulks out.

EXCLUSIVE: Spider-Man Hits the LEGO Bricks in

EXCLUSIVE: Spider-Man Hits the LEGO Bricks in "Daredevil" #31 Variant

Marvel has provided CBR with an exclusive first look at artist Leonel Castellani's LEGO variant cover for "Daredevil" #31, featuring an homage cover to Steve McNiven's "Amazing Spider-Man" #546

Marvel Releases

Marvel Releases "LEGO Marvel Super Heroes" E3 Trailer

LEGO, Marvel, WB Games and TT Games released a new trailer for "LEGO Marvel Super Heroes" at E3 2013, teasing the involvement of Asgard and Loki's machinations against the united heroes of Earth.

"LEGO Marvel Super Heroes" Trailer Teases Galactus

A new sneak peek at the upcoming "LEGO Marvel Super Heroes" video game teases the mighty Galactus as heroes from across the Marvel U stand in awe of his giant shadow.

Warner Bros. Announces

Warner Bros. Announces "LEGO Marvel Super Heroes" Game

Warner Bros. Interactive and TT Games have announced "LEGO Marvel Super Heroes" as the newest video game in its bestselling LEGO franchise with over 100 playable characters. UPDATED with footage!