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COMIC REEL: "Batman V Superman" Lands In Chicago; "Suicide Squad" Casting Rumors Heat Up

A local news crew caught Henry Cavill and Amy Adams in action; Jared Leto and Margot Robbie rumored for Joker and Harley Quinn.

"Wonder Woman" Reportedly Offered to Female Director

Revealing she’s been told WB approached another female director, "Punisher: War Zone‘s" Lexi Alexander explains why she wouldn’t want the job.

Lexi Alexander on

Lexi Alexander on "Punisher: War Zone," and Changing Hollywood’s Old Ways

The filmmaker concludes her talk with SPINOFF, addressing her experiences on "Punisher: War Zone,"the notion that female directors can't make money, and more

"Punisher: War Zone's" Lexi Alexander on Challenges Faced By Female Directors

The filmmaker spoke with SPINOFF about Hollywood double standards, and the ways in which women and non-white directors are overlooked.

Cast & Crew Talk

Cast & Crew Talk "Punisher: War Zone"

The director, stars, and producer of “Punisher: War Zone” talk about their interest in the ultra-violent character and praise comics writer Garth Ennis as a major inspiration for the new film, which opens today in U.S. cinemas.

Four Shots To The Dome: New Punisher Posters Hit The Web

Four Shots To The Dome: New Punisher Posters Hit The Web

Bang!  Bang, bang, bang!  Just like that, you can take a look at four new promotional pieces for the pistol packing picture starring Ray Stevenson and directed by Lexi Alexander.