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Cho & Sniegoski Talk Creator-Owned,

Cho & Sniegoski Talk Creator-Owned, "Drawing Beautiful Women" and "World of Payne"

Frank Cho and Tom Sniegoski discuss their upcoming novel/comic hybrid, Cho's new art instruction book, the future of "Liberty Meadows" and more.

CBR TV @ WC13: Frank Cho On

CBR TV @ WC13: Frank Cho On "Savage Wolverine," "Guns & Dinos" & "Liberty Meadows"

Artist/writer Frank Cho spoke with CBR TV about reintroducing Amadeus Cho to the Marvel U, the status of and research involved in "Guns & Dinos" and when he plans to return to "Liberty Meadows."

WC13: Frank Cho Teases

WC13: Frank Cho Teases "Savage Wolverine" Spoilers

"Savage Wolverine" artist Frank Cho discussed his current Marvel work, showing off upcoming pages from his closing issues of the series during his WonderCon 2013 spotlight panel.

Image Comics On Sale September 9, 2010

Image Comics On Sale September 9, 2010

Courtesy of Image Comics, CBR brings you previews of "Baron von Shock" #3, "Haunt" #9, and "Shadowhawk" #4. Check back this week for an exclusive extended preview of "Dawn: Not to Touch the Earth!"

PRESS RELEASE: Image Comics Reprints the First Issues of Classic Series in "Image Firsts: Wave Two"

Frank Cho on Liberty Meadows Hardcovers

Frank Cho on Liberty Meadows Hardcovers

Creator, writer and illustrator Frank Cho discusses with CBR News the long- awaited hardcover collection of his early "Liberty Meadows" Sunday newspaper strips, courtesy of Image Comics.

PRESS RELEASE: Frank Cho panel announced for NYCC

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