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Venditti Reignites

Venditti Reignites "Green Lantern" with "Lights Out"

"Lights Out" changes "Green Lantern" forever, and writer Robert Venditti tells CBR News about the Corps' future and John Stewart's "Zero Year" tie-in.


PREVIEW: "Lights Out" Concludes in "Green Lantern Annual" #2

DC Comics' "Lights Out" event reaches its finale this week in Robert Venditti and Sean Chen's "Green Lantern Annual" #2

NYCC: Green Lantern -

NYCC: Green Lantern - "Lights Out" Panel

On the final day of New York Comic Con, Robert Venditti, Charles Soule, Justin Jordan, Van Jensen and Bernard Chang discussed "Lights Out" and all the latest in DC Comics' Green Lantern franchise.


PREVIEW: "Lights Out" Concludes in "Green Lantern Annual" #2

Courtesy of DC Comics, CBR presents an advance preview of "Green Lantern Annual" #2, the stunning conclusion of "Lights Out" by Robert Venditti and Sean Chen. Everything changes Oct. 30!


PREVIEW: "Lights Out" Kicks Off in "Green Lantern" #24

While Earth deals with the events of "Forever Evil," Robert Venditti and Billy Tan introduce Hall Jordan to the threat of Relic in "Green Lantern" #24. Every Corps will be tested in "Lights Out," starting Oct. 2.

Venditti & Jensen Partner For

Venditti & Jensen Partner For "Lights Out" and "Zero Year"

Green Lantern" writer Robert Venditti and "Green Lantern Corps" Van Jensen discuss the "Lights Out" event, their "Zero Year" issue and John Stewart's New 52 past.


PREVIEW: "Lights Out" Continues in "Red Lanterns" #24

As DC Comics prepares for October's "Lights Out" event to roll through the Green Lantern titles, the publisher has released an early look at Charles Soule and Alessandro Vitti's "Red Lanterns" #24, on sale Oct. 23.


PREVIEW: It's "Lights Out" in "Green Lantern Corps" #24

As "Lights Out" draws near, DC Comics debuts a new preview of the event, showcasing Bernard Chang's art from "Green Lantern Corps" #24. The issue, co-written by Van Jensen and Robert Venditti, hits stores Oct. 9


PREVIEW: "Lights Out" for Venditti & Tan's "Green Lantern" #24

Courtesy of DC Comics, CBR presents an advance look at "Green Lantern" #24, the first chapter of the "Lights Out" Green Lantern event by Robert Venditti and Billy Tan. Things get dark October 2!

"Lights Out!" Kicks Off in "Green Lantern" #23 Early Preview

DC Comics continues to count down to "Lights Out!" hitting the Green Lantern corner of the DCU, debuting Billy Tan-illustrated pages from his and Robert Venditti's "Green Lantern" #23.

DC Comics Ties Event Storylines Into October Annuals

DC Comics Ties Event Storylines Into October Annuals

DC Comics has announced its Annuals for October, including tie-in issues to family events like Green Lantern's "Lights Out!," Superman's "Krypton Returns" and "Teen Titans'" Superboy origins mystery.

Venditti Turns

Venditti Turns "Lights Out" on Green Lantern Corps

"Green Lantern" and "Green Lantern Corps" writer Robert Venditti discussed "Lights Out," the upcoming GL Universe crossover and the dangers posed by "the next major Green Lantern villain," Relic.

PRESS RELEASE: DC Comics' Green Lantern Titles Go "Lights Out" in October