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WC11: "Super" with Wilson & Gunn

The star of independent superhero flim "Super," Rainn Wilson, and the movie's creator James Gunn took to the WonderCon stage to promote the offbeat movie described as "Napolean Dynamite" meets "Taxi Driver."


CCI: "Super"

Rainn Wilson of "The Office" fame spoke at CCI about starring as a wrench-wielding, heartbroken hero in James Gunn's "Super," alongside Liv Tyler as his junkie ex and Ellen Page as his lousy sidekick.


Full "Incredible Hulk" Trailer Now Online

The latest full trailer from Universal Pictures' upcoming super hero thriller "Incredible Hulk" has been posted online and we've got the details plus the requisite boat load of screen grabs.

Stars to Voice

Stars to Voice "Incredible Hulk" Video Game + New Screenshots

Edward Norton, Liv Tyler and the stars of "The Incredible Hulk" will lend their voices to the film's video game adaptation, from which we have a gallery of new screenshots.