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Zahler Trots Out

Zahler Trots Out "My Little Pony: Twilight Sparkle"

Thom Zahler discusses "My Little Pony Micro-Series #1: Twilight Sparkle," with the writer/artist sharing his thoughts on the "brony" craze, revealing his pitch for "Mars Attacks My Little Pony" and sharing exclusive art.

CCI: IDW & iVerse Media's Digital Developments

CCI: IDW & iVerse Media's Digital Developments

Joined by writers Tony Lee & Tom Zahler, IDW & iVerse discussed their partnership & latest digital comics innovations, including a new all-Transformers app.

Thom Zahler Returns with “Love and Capes”

Thom Zahler Returns with “Love and Capes”

Thom Zahler's superheroic sitcom “Love and Capes” returns in February, now flying under the IDW banner. CBR News spoke with the cartoonist about the “Ever After” miniseries, in which the Crusader and Abby begin married life.

Thom Zahler Takes

Thom Zahler Takes "Love & Capes" to IDW

"Love and Capes" creator Thom Zahler talks to ROBOT 6 about the trials and tribulations of indie comics creation, Free Comic Book Day, and, in an exclusive announcement, moving his book to IDW Publishing.

PRESS RELEASE: IDW announces "Love and Capes" trade paperback

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