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Lauren German Joins

Lauren German Joins "Lucifer" Pilot as All-New Character

German will play Los Angeles homicide detective Chloe in the Fox drama's pilot based on Mike Carey and Peter Gross' long-running Vertigo series.

Lina Esco Joins Fox's

Lina Esco Joins Fox's "Lucifer" Pilot as "Maze"

The cast of Fox's "Lucifer" pilot continues to grow, with Lina Esco joining as Maze, based on the comic book character Mazikeen.

Tom Ellis Nabs

Tom Ellis Nabs "Lucifer" Pilot Lead Role

Fox's DC/Vertigo-based pilot "Lucifer" has its star: Tom Ellis, who recently starred in the lead role of USA's "Rush."

"Lucifer" Writer Mike Carey Shares Early Reaction to TV Adaptation News

A TV show based on DC/Vertigo's "Lucifer" is in the works, and Mike Carey -- who wrote the entire series -- shares his initial reaction with CBR.


Vertigo's "Lucifer" in Development at Fox, with Put Pilot Commitment

An adaptation of Vertigo series "Lucifer" is in development at Fox, with "Californication" creator Tom Kapinos at the helm.

CCI: Carey Wins an Inkpot & Teases

CCI: Carey Wins an Inkpot & Teases "Frankie" on TV

"The Unwritten" writer won an Inkpot Award at Comic-Con International before a career retrospective that revealed the real reason he quit "X-Men: Legacy" and TV adaptation news.

Carey Becomes

Carey Becomes "Untouchable"

British scribe Mike Carey spoke with CBR News about his upcoming Dynamite one-shot co-written with India's Samit Basu, discussing the exploration of cultural divides and the search for emotional identity.

Sturges Hosts

Sturges Hosts "House of Mystery Halloween Annual"

Writer Matthew Sturges talks with CBR about the special "House of Mystery" Halloween one-shot telling stories from all across the Vertigo line, including an all-new Lucifer tale by creators Mike Carey and Peter Gross.

UNWRITTEN: Mike Carey & Peter Gross II

UNWRITTEN: Mike Carey & Peter Gross II

We conclude our candid and in-depth chat with "Lucifer" creators Mike Carey & Peter Gross about their new Vertigo project, "The Unwritten." The pair discuss the project's original name, society's obsession with celebrity, and more.

UNWRITTEN: Mike Carey & Peter Gross

UNWRITTEN: Mike Carey & Peter Gross

CBR News goes in-depth with "Lucifer" creators Mike Carey & Peter Gross about their hotly anticipated new Vertigo series "The Unwritten," which explores the nature of stories themselves.