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EXCL. PREVIEW: "Mass Effect: Foundation" #11 Explores Zaeed Massani

Rasa uncovers the escapades of the galaxy’s most notorious mercenary, Zaeed Massa, in Dark Horse Comics' "Mass Effect: Foundation" #11.

ECCC EXCLUSIVE: Walters Builds

ECCC EXCLUSIVE: Walters Builds "Mass Effect: Foundation" At Dark Horse

Hot on the tails of Dark Horse's announcement of its "Mass Effect: Foundation" ongoing, CBR spoke exclusively with "Mass Effect 3" writer Mac Walters about its connection to the game and role in expanding the ME universe.


PREVIEWS: "Conan: Road of Kings" #12, "Mass Effect: Invasion" #4

Courtesy of Dark Horse Comics, CBR presents advance previews of "Conan: Road of Kings" #12 and "Mass Effect: Invasion" #4. Both titles go on sale January 18, 2012.

Mac Walters Fortifies

Mac Walters Fortifies "Mass Effect: Invasion"

"Mass Effect" lead writer Mac Walters discusses the latest Dark Horse miniseries, "Invasion," tying into the game and the challenges and rewards of branching storylines.

PRESS RELEASE: Bioware and Dark Horse Unveil Special Edition "Mass Effect" Comic at New York Comic Con


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Mass Effect Invasion"

Dark Horse has provided CBR with an exclusive preview of "Mass Effect Invasion," the latest series based on the popular BioWare video games.

CCI: Walters Returns for

CCI: Walters Returns for "Mass Effect: Evolution"

Dark Horse announced today that "Mass Effect" head writer Mac Walters would return for another miniseries set in the sprawling sci-fi universe. We spoke with Walters about "Mass Effect: Evolution."

PRESS RELEASE: Dark Horse to Give First Look at "Mass Effect: Evolution" at Comic-Con

Walters and Francia on

Walters and Francia on "Mass Effect: Redemption"

"Mass Effect 2" hits stores in late January and BioWare and Dark Horse have teamed up to whet fans' appetites with "Mass Effect: Redemption." CBR spoke with writer Mac Walters and artist Omar Francia about the series.