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Bermejo's "Suiciders" Launches, New Characters Debut From DC in February

DC's February releases bring the introduction of new characters, possible romance between Bigby Wolf and Rose Red and much more!

Pop! - 11/24/2010

Pop! - 11/24/2010

Pop! returns with the second half of George Khoury and Alex Ross' discussion of "Kingdom Come," closing out the topic by looking at the artist's return to the original concepts with the JSA "Kingdom" arc.

Scott Kolins Talks

Scott Kolins Talks "Magog"

Scott Kolins' original five-issue run on "Magog" has been cut to two with the title's cancellation, but he told CBR exclusively that DC Comics will publish a double-sized JSA one-shot to finish his epic story.

The Buy Pile - 12/10/2009

The Buy Pile - 12/10/2009

In this week's comics, bad people do good things worth being grateful for with a secretary, a Marine, a goth, a lunatic, a hybrid and a phonomancer making the week worthwhile, even with the ghosts of comics past stinking up the place.

Giffen Asks

Giffen Asks "What Would Magog Do?"

Fan favorite comics creator Keith Giffen tells CBR News that his upcoming “Magog” solo title will feature a superhero that doesn’t have an off switch when it comes to fighting the good fight in the name of justice.

DC Comics On Sale November 19th, 2008

DC Comics On Sale November 19th, 2008

CBR brings you advance looks at new comics on sale from DC Comics and Wildstorm this Wednesday including "JSA Kingdom Come Special: Magog," "Supergirl" #35, "X-Files" #1 and more.

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