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PREVIEW: It's Magic Vs. Science in

PREVIEW: It's Magic Vs. Science in "Iron Man" #23.NOW

Thor's foe Malekith the Dark Elf controls the Mandarin's rings in Kieron Gillen and Luke Ross' "Iron Man" #23.NOW.


Gillen's "Iron Man" Pits Tony Stark Against the Mandarin's Legacy

Kieron Gillen catches CBR up on "Iron Metropolitan," which pits Tony Stark against the Mandarin's sentient rings and upcoming "Iron Man Annual."

Malekith Seeks the

Malekith Seeks the "Rings of the Mandarin" in Gillen's "Iron Man"

CBR talks to Kieron Gillen about March's "Iron Man" storyline, which finds Tony Stark once again in unfamiliar territory as "Thor" villain Malekith attacks.

Malekith Continues to Plague Thor in

Malekith Continues to Plague Thor in "God of Thunder" #16 Preview

Malekith continues to ravage the ranks of the League of Realms in "Thor: God of Thunder" #16, in stores Dec. 18.

Heimdall & Malekith Feature in New

Heimdall & Malekith Feature in New "Thor: The Dark World" Posters

Continuing its series of character posters, Marvel Studios has released two new images featuring Idris Elba returning as Heimdall and Christopher Eccleston as the villainous Malekith the Accursed.

C2E2: Aaron Hunts

C2E2: Aaron Hunts "The Accursed" in "Thor: God of Thunder"

CBR News spoke with writer Jason Aaron about his next big arc of "Thor: God of Thunder," which sends his title character on a hunt through the Nine Realms for treacherous Dark Elf ruler Malekith the Accursed.