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"Avengers Assemble's" Loeb, Seagle Create Super(hero) Chemistry On The Small Screen

Jeph Loeb and Steven T. Seagle discuss the challenges of creating an "Avengers Assemble" series that captures and develops the chemistry and conflict that made Joss Whedon film a record-breaking blockbuster.


Unmasking "Ultimate Spider-Man" with Producer Cort Lane

In the first installment of CBR's new "Ultimate Spider-Man" recap interview series, Supervising Producer Cort Lane discusses the show's origins, its new take on Scorpion, Mini-Spider-Man, Clark Gregg's Agent Coulson and more.

Marvel Calls

Marvel Calls "Avengers Assemble" On DisneyXD

Ahead of the premiere of its latest animated series, Marvel gathers CCO Joe Quesada, Man of Action's Joe Kelly and more to talk "Avengers Assemble" on DisneyXD including team dynamics and the villains of The Cabal.


First "Avengers Assemble" Episode Free to Download

Marvel and Disney XD have released an official trailer for the upcoming "Avengers Assemble" animated series and posted the first episode free to download until May 25.

PRESS RELEASE: Sara Pichelli's "The Bounce" #2 Variant Cover Revealed

Spidey Goes Lunar In New

Spidey Goes Lunar In New "Ultimate Spider-Man" Clip

Spidey and his amazing friends head to the moon to save J. Jonah Jameson's son in this weekend's "Ultimate Spider-Man." The episode airs Sunday on Disney XD.

EXCLUSIVE: Joe Casey Rolls with

EXCLUSIVE: Joe Casey Rolls with "The Bounce"

"Sex" and "Butcher Baker" writer Joe Casey channels a certain wise-cracking web head from another company on his new Image Comics title with David Messina called "The Bounce."

Seagle & Kelly Bring Man of Action Fun To

Seagle & Kelly Bring Man of Action Fun To "Ultimate Spider-Man

In advance of Season 2 of Marvel's "Ultimate Spider-Man" cartoon, Steve Seagle and Joe Kelly explain the ins and outs of making Spidey funny, the brand-new Sinister Six and moving forward with "Avengers Assemble."

Marvel's All-Ages Titles Expand From

Marvel's All-Ages Titles Expand From "Ultimate" Cartoons to "Mighty" Creators

With Marvel's all-ages titles shifting to match the "Ultimate Spider-Man" & "Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes" cartoons, Editor Tom Brennan explains how he and his creators keep a comics focus first.

CBR TV: Man of Action's Casey, Rouleau on

CBR TV: Man of Action's Casey, Rouleau on "Ultimate Spider-Man," New Image Projects

Man of Action members Joe Casey and Duncan Rouleau dropped in on CBR TV during Comic-Con International to discuss a number of projects, from "Ultimate Spider-Man" to their various Image Comics series and more.

CBR TV @ WC12: Joe Kelly on

CBR TV @ WC12: Joe Kelly on "Superman vs. The Elite" & Working in Animation

Veteran comic book and animation writer Joe Kelly spoke with CBR TV at WonderCon 2012 about writing the animated features "Superman vs. The Elite," his creator-owned comics and more.

PRESS RELEASE: Celebrity Guests Gather at Meltdown Comics for "Ultimate Spider-Man" Screening

Marvel Launches All-Ages

Marvel Launches All-Ages "Avengers" & "Ultimate Spider-Man" Comics

This April, Marvel Comics launches two new all-ages comics based on "The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes" and "Ultimate Spider-Man" animated shows by veteran writers Chris Yost, Man of Action and Dan Slott.

PRESS RELEASE: Disney XD to Launch "Marvel Universe" Programming Block

PRESS RELEASE: Man of Action Catch Spider-Man Show in Their Web

CCI: Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Panel

CCI: Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Panel

Comic-Con International hosted the world premiere of Marvel Studios' animated series "The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes" in a panel which also announced an upcoming "Ultimate Spider-Man" cartoon.

WC10: Casey Has An

WC10: Casey Has An "Officer Downe"

Announced at WonderCon, "Nixon's Pals" collaborators Joe Casey and Chris Burnham are reuniting for "Officer Downe," a new one-shot from Image Comics. CBR spoke with Casey to learn more about the project.


WC10: "Frankie Stein" Is Alive!

CBR caught up with Steven T. Seagle to discuss his new Image Comics children's book "Frankie Stein," two new hardcover collections of "The Crusades," and plenty more. UPDATED with more art!

PRESS RELEASE: Man of Action Creators to Appear with Image Comics at Wondercon

ECCC: Man Of Action: Comics Into Media

ECCC: Man Of Action: Comics Into Media

Man of Action, the comics creative collective behind hit kids show "Ben 10," screened a preview of their new Cartoon Network animated series "Generator Rex" and discussed their Comic-Con origins.


REVIEW: "Ben 10: Alien Swarm"

Cartoon Network held their red carpet premiere for "Ben 10: Alien Swarm" last week, and CBR News had a chance to see the film and briefly chat with its stars. The live-action movie airs on Cartoon Network tonight at 7:00 PM.

LBCC: The Man of Action Panel

LBCC: The Man of Action Panel

Man of Action members Steven Seagle, Duncan Rouleau and Joe Casey were on hand last Saturday to talk about "Ben 10," "Generator Rex," comic books and more during their panel at the Long Beach Comic Con

CCI: Casey & Suriano Talk

CCI: Casey & Suriano Talk "Doc Bizarre, M.D."

The creative team behind "Charlatan Ball" is at it again with an all-new series titled "Doc Bizarre, M.D." CBR News caught up with Joe Casey and Andy Suriano for an exclusive chat about all things "Bizarre."

Steven T. Seagle's

Steven T. Seagle's "Soul Kiss" Conclusion

Steven T. Seagle, the writer of Image Comics' acclaimed "Soul Kiss," discusses with CBR News the fifth and final issue of the devil-dealing series he co-created with artist Marco Cinello.

PRESS RELEASE: Steven Seagle to make first appearance in a decade at NYCC

MEN ON ACTION: Duncan Rouleau Dives Into

MEN ON ACTION: Duncan Rouleau Dives Into "Great Unknown" W/ Joe Kelly

The longtime artistic anchor of the Man of Action team gets philosophical in a sci- fi tale of thought theft on its way from Image Comics. Joe Kelly interviews writer/artist Duncan Rouleau about "The Great Unknown."

MEN ON ACTION: Seagle & Cinello

MEN ON ACTION: Seagle & Cinello "Soul Kiss" Joe Casey

In this second roundtable interview with the creators of Image's new Man Of Action imprint, Joe Casey grills Steven T. Seagle & Marco Cinello about their new project, "Soul Kiss."

MEN ON ACTION: Joe Kelly & Diego Greco Go

MEN ON ACTION: Joe Kelly & Diego Greco Go "Bad Dog" w/ Steven T. Seagle

The creators behind Image’s new Man of Action imprint square off, starting with Joe Kelly & Diego Greco's hard drinking, cuss laden tale of a burly bounty hunter werewolf, "Bad Dog."

Says Who? Kelly talks

Says Who? Kelly talks "Douglas Fredericks"

They are powerful. You know who They are. You do what They say. That is, unless you’re precocious young inventor Douglas Fredericks, the star of Joe Kelly's new graphic novel "Douglas Fredericks and the House of They."

A Boy & His Dragon: Kelly talks

A Boy & His Dragon: Kelly talks "Four Eyes"

For one boy in 1930s Broolklyn, life is about the Depression, losing his dad to crime, and training a dragon. Joe Kelly talks his new series "Four Eyes," perhaps the first ever gangster-dragon-revenge epic.

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