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Krentz & Whitlock Burn Their Own Path with

Krentz & Whitlock Burn Their Own Path with "Blaze Brothers"

Writers Matthew Scott Krentz and Vernon Whitlock III discuss the debut volume of their kung fu graphic novel "Blaze Brothers."

Marat Mychaels

Marat Mychaels "Blindsides" the Comics Industry

Marat Mychaels discusses the return of "Blindside," explaining what to expect from the new series, how he plans to get it into fans' hands and sharing an exclusive look at J. Scott Campbell's variant cover.

PRESS RELEASE: iVerse Seizes "Contraband" Comics


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Marat Mychaels' "Blindside"

CBR presents an exclusive preview of Marat Mychaels' "Blindside" #1. Written and illustrated by Mychaels and co-writer Jon Goff, the superhero/espionage series debuts August 22 from Contraband Comics.

Elliott Serrano Raises a New

Elliott Serrano Raises a New "Army of Darkness"

The new "Army of Darkness" ongoing series with mutant alien deadites, a female Ash and new evil forces surrounding the Necronomicon hits in February. Writer Elliott Serrano gives CBR News the details.