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PRESS RELEASE: Kids Read Comics Festival Returns to Chelsea, MI


Sumerak's "God Squad" Opens the Gates of Hell

In "Chaos War: God Squad," writer Marc Sumerak will send several members of the titular team straight to hell on a mission that just may turn the tide in the "Chaos War." We spoke with Sumerak about the one-shot.

X-POSITION: Marc Sumerak

X-POSITION: Marc Sumerak

Marc Sumerak gives the classic Weapon X tale a fresh coat of paint -- red paint, that is. The writer of "Weapon X: First Class" answers your questions about the miniseries. Plus exclusive art!

Sumerak Kills Tony Stark in

Sumerak Kills Tony Stark in "What If? Fallen Son"

December's “What If? Fallen Son” one-shot looks at a world where Iron Man, not Captain America, was killed in the aftermath of Civil War. CBR News speaks with writer Marc Sumerak about the book.

FAN EXPO: Sumerak and Seeley on

FAN EXPO: Sumerak and Seeley on "Weapon X: First Class"

November’s "Weapon X: First Class" flashes back to Charles Xavier's early attempts to help Wolverine recover his lost memories. We spoke with Marc Sumerak and Tim Seeley about the mini.