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EXCL PREVIEWS: "Guardians of the Galaxy" #19, "Loki: Agent of Asgard" #6

Marvel serves up exclusive first looks at Brian Bendis & Ed McGuinness' "Guardians of the Galaxy" #19 and "Loki" #6 by Al Ewing & Jorge Coelho.

X-POSITION: Bunn Toes the Line of

X-POSITION: Bunn Toes the Line of "AXIS" with "Magneto"

Cullen Bunn takes on this week's "Magneto" reader questions, detailing his love of Dazzler and teasing some possible post-"AXIS" developments.

Submit Your

Submit Your "Magneto" Questions for Cullen Bunn

Cullen Bunn is next week's X-Position guest and CBR wants your questions about all things "Magneto" and his "March to AXIS."

"The Tenth Realm" Spins Ewing's "Loki" Toward "AXIS"

Al Ewing tells CBR about how "Thor and Loki: The Tenth Realm" leads "Loki: Agent of Asgard" directly from "Original Sin" to Marvel's "AXIS" event.

X-POSITION: Bunn Brings

X-POSITION: Bunn Brings "Magneto" to "AXIS"

Cullen Bunn joins X-Position to discuss Magneto's current status quo and his involvement in the upcoming "AXIS" event.


SENYC EXCLUSIVE: Bunn's "March to Axis" Pits "Magneto" Against the Red Skull

CBR spoke with writer Cullen Bunn about "Magneto" #9 about how it sets up the "Axis" event and pits the Master of Magnetism against the Red Skull.