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TRINGENUITY 21: "Trinity" Commentary

Learn the history behind each member of the villainous Troika in this week’s “Trinity,” and discover that one of the villains isn’t who you thought it was. Plus: the secret of John Stewart's transformations revealed.


TRINGENUITY 20: "Trinity" Commentary

Firestorm examines the history of the Justice Society International and remembers the inspirational abilities Superman offered the world in this week’s “Trinity,” while we check in on the mischief made by the mad god Krona.


TRINGENUITY 19: "Trinity" Commentary

Alfred Pennyworth takes center stage as Tarot & Gangbuster make their escape from the ruins of Castle Branek, and we also get a glimpse into a life changed by the absence of the ultimate Amazon, Wonder Woman.


TRINGENUITY 18: "Trinity" Commentary

What does a world without Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman look like? Find out as Justin and Brian examine this week’s “Trinity,” with a breakdown of events on both a global and personal scale for the DC Universe.


TRINGENUITY 17: "Trinity" Commentary

There’s still a Trinity to read about, but for how much longer? The evil Troika has defeated the heroes and rewritten the world, so Justin and Brian have a lot to catch up on this week. Also, the origin of Konvikt!


TRINGENUITY 15: "Trinity" Commentary

It's a siege on Castle Branek when the Trinity brings the fight to the Troika with the help of their friends the Titans, Teen Titans and the Outsiders. Justin and Brian look at "Trinity" #15 to bring you all the details.


TRINGENUITY 14: "Trinity" Commentary

With the Trinity incapacitated by their own relationships and a world in flames, the JLA has their hands full while Hawkman and some friends do battle with the Troika's henchmen. Justin and Brian fill you in.


TRINGENUITY 13: "Trinity" Commentary

Superman and the Justice League continue a crushing battle against the Crime Syndicate, while Hawkman and Gangbuster ambush the Troika's henchmen. Brian and Justin examine this week's issue of "Trinity."

Bagley Looks Beyond Trinity

Bagley Looks Beyond Trinity

Only a quarter of the way home in his marathon run on "Trinity" and superstar artist Mark Bagley already knows his next project for DC Comics, giving CBR few cryptic hints and sharing the love for Stuart Immonen.


TRINGENUITY 12: "Trinity" Commentary

Superman unleashed! The Justice League versus the Crime Syndicate! Plus more on the mysterious Enigma, and how does the Riddler fit in? Brian and Justin examine the latest "Trinity."


TRINGENUITY 11: "Trinity" Commentary

It’s political maneuvering at its finest when the JLA visits the homeworld of the CSA, while Hawkman and Gangbuster team with The Outsiders to lay a trap for the Torika’s henchmen. Justin and Brian get you caught up.

Lying In The Gutters - 8/11/2008

Lying In The Gutters - 8/11/2008

Lots to cover this week including what Mark Millar actually didn't say, what Mark Bagley's project after "Trinity" may be, one prominent creator talks about the changes to Bart Allen, could a Loeb/Silvestri project be in the works and much more.


TRINGENUITY 10: "Trinity" Commentary

The next stage of the evil Troika's plans are revealed by Nightwing, robin and a special guest star, while the JLA challenges the Crime Syndicate on their home turf in this week's issue of "Trinity."


TRINGENUITY 9: "Trinity" Commentary

Who is the Swashbuckler? And what do his thefts mean for the Trinity? As our heroes look for answers, members of the Bat-Family have their own run in with the new villain. Justin and Brian break it down.


TRINGENUITY 8: "Trinity" Commentary

The Trinity takes a break from superheroics to explore the world from the vantage point of their secret identities, while the evil Troika gains an immensely powerful new weapon. Justin and Brian have the "Trinity" #8 commentary.


TRINGENUITY 7: "Trinity" Commentary

The Justice League unites to investigate a series of mysterious robberies linked to the mystical Tarot seen in the latest issue of “Trinity,” while Firestorm and John Stewart examine the history of the villainous Krona.


TRINGENUITY 6: "Trinity" Commentary

Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman look within in the latest issue of Kurt Busiek and Mark Bagley's "Trinity," while Gangbuster and Hawkman team-up for a new twist on "The Brave and the Bold."


TRINGENUITY 5: "Trinity" Commentary

The five-issues-long battle with Konvikt comes to a close with a memorable gut- shot by Wonder Woman, Morgaine Le Fey dispatches an underling, Tarot discovers the Trinity, and an old hero makes his return.


TRINGENUITY 4: "Trinity" Commentary

The Justice League continues to battle the alien Konvikt, we learn more about the mysterious young woman named Tarot, and some new and similarly mysterious elements are introduced in "Trinity" #4.


TRINGENUITY 3: "Trinity" Commentary

It's all-out war as the Justice League battles the alien Konvikt, a monster that dwarfs the might of even Superman, and we learn more about the mysterious young woman named Tarot and Justin and Brian catch you up.


TRINGENUITY 2: "Trinity" Commentary

Superman fights a sun, Wonder Woman fights some robots, John Stewart gets some new gear, and things just get weird for Batman in DC Comics' "Trinity" #2, on sale now.


TRINGENUITY 1: "Trinity" Analysis & Commentary

The T-MINUS team of Brian Eason and Justin Eger are back with TRINGENUITY, CBR's new weekly feature of commentary and analysis on DC Comics' "Trinity" by Kurt Busiek and Mark Bagley and company.

Bagley Bags Bizarro “Sports Illustrated” Cover

Bagley Bags Bizarro “Sports Illustrated” Cover

With the heavy schedule of weekly series “Trinity” ever present, superstar artist Mark Bagley managed to knock a “Sports Illustrated” cover out of the park this week and we've got the story behind the Bizarro cover. UPDATED

MySpace Comic Books Premieres

MySpace Comic Books Premieres "Trinity" #1 Pages

MySpace Comic Books has published an exclusive first look at pages from "Trinity" #1, the first issue of DC Comics' new weekly series by Kurt Busiek and Mark Bagley.

Nicieza Navigates DCU's Backstory in

Nicieza Navigates DCU's Backstory in "Trinity"

Veteran comic writer Fabian Nicieza is showcasing one of his old favorites, Hawkman, in the early issues of "Trinity," DC's forthcoming year-long, weekly event series. CBR News spole with him about that and much more.

Busiek Tackles DC's Big Three in Weekly

Busiek Tackles DC's Big Three in Weekly "Trinity"

Superstar writer Kurt Busiek talks exclusively for the first time about "Trinity," the upcoming weekly series he is writing for DC with Mark Bagley on art.