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EXCL. PREVIEWS: "House of Night," "Baltimore: The Curse Bells" & More

Dark Horse has provided CBR with exclusive first looks at "House of Night" #2, "Baltimore: The Curse Bells," the "Brody's Ghost" one-shot and "Kull: The Cat and the Skull" #3, releasing December 14.

Crilley Launches

Crilley Launches "Brody's Ghost"

Mark Crilley spoke with CBR about "Brody's Ghost," his latest series of graphic novels from Dark Horse Comics starring a reluctant hero prodded into action by a particularly insistent young - and deceased - lady.

Mark Crilley on

Mark Crilley on "Brody's Ghost"

CBR has an exclusive first look at "Brody's Ghost" part two, which hits "MySpace Dark Horse Presents" next week. We spoke with writer-artist Mark Crilley about the web comics and the graphic novel series starting in June.

Pipeline - 6/24/2008

Pipeline - 6/24/2008

Is DC seeing an exodus? Which comic industry wall would you like to have been a fly on? Are the Harveys a bad example of crowdsourcing? Plus, "Flight Explorer" and an art book by Ladronn. That and more from Augie De Blieck Jr. this week.