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Bendis Promises

Bendis Promises "Legitimate Closure" In "Ultimate End"

Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley talk teaming up again for the new "Secret Wars" series that promises to be the end of an era.

Paniccia on

Paniccia on "Ultimate Spider-Man" #23's Character Expansion

Marvel editor Mark Paniccia discusses the Ultimate first appearances of new characters, as well as the return of a familiar face in Brian Bendis & David Marquez's "Ultimate Spider-Man" #23. Plus, exclusive art!

Asrar Draws on the

Asrar Draws on the "Natural Resources" of "Ultimate Comics X-Men"

CBR News spoke with artist Mahmud Asrar, who returns to Marvel Comics in March for "Ultimate Comics X-Men" #24, the beginning of a new arc written by Brian Wood called "Natural Resources."

Axel-In-Charge - 11/2/2012

Axel-In-Charge - 11/2/2012

In a hectic week in NYC, Marvel Senior Editor Mark Paniccia turns Axel Alonso's stomping grounds to PANIC-IN-CHARGE to talk the future of a smarter Hulk, a tortured Iron Man and changing Miles Morales.

NYCC: Humphries, Barberi Make New York

NYCC: Humphries, Barberi Make New York "Ultimate"

Writer Sam Humphries, artist Carlo Barberi and Marvel Senior Editor Mark Paniccia brought the Ultimate Universe to New York Comic Con 2012 with an update on the Ultimates, the Ultimate X-Men and Miles Morales.

Humphries, Alonso & Paniccia Elect Captain America President in

Humphries, Alonso & Paniccia Elect Captain America President in "Ultimate Comics Ultimates"

In "Ultimate Comics Ultimates" #15, on sale tomorrow, Captain America becomes Commander in Chief. CBR spoke to writer Sam Humphries, editor Mark Paniccia, and Marvel EIC Axel Alonso about the development.

Paniccia Preps Readers for the

Paniccia Preps Readers for the "Ultimate" Experience

Peter Parker has been buried, and a new tumultuous era has begun for Marvel Comics' Ultimate Universe. CBR News spoke with editor Mark Paniccia about the relaunched line.

Paniccia Orders an

Paniccia Orders an "Alpha" Strike

Alpha Flight has decided to rebel against their country and in September's "Alpha Flight" #4, Canada's newest super team, Alpha Strike, will be activated. Editor Mark Paniccia let loose with details and shared exclusive art!

Paniccia Oversees an

Paniccia Oversees an "Ultimate" Rebirth

Editor Mark Paniccia spoke with CBR News about the new titles that are part of Marvel's "Ultimate Comics Universe Reborn" initiative while sharing an exclusive look at "Ultimate Fallout" #2 and "Ultimate Comics Hawkeye."

Aaron Enlists

Aaron Enlists "Ultimate Comics Captain America"

With the debut of Aaron & Garney's "Ultimate Comics Captain America" just over a month out, Marvel was to hold a press conference call with Aaron. The call was cancelled moments after it began.

FAN EXPO: Pak and Panicia Talk

FAN EXPO: Pak and Panicia Talk "Hulk Family"

Five stories, one mean green family " the inside scoop on the one-shot “Hulk Family” that ranges from the stone age Sakaar to the daughters of Bruce Banner. Pak and Paniccia give us the details.