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ECCC: Dynamite is Ready to Explode

ECCC: Dynamite is Ready to Explode

Dynamite officially announced Gail Simone on "Red Sonja," discussed upcoming surprises and introduced the world to Gross Guy at Emerald City Comicon this weekend.

PRESS RELEASE: Vampirella Takes on... Fluffy the Vampire Killer?

PRESS RELEASE: New "Dejah Thoris" Series Delves Into Her Rich History

PRESS RELEASE: "Rotten" Zombie Palin Comic Book

Rahner Gets

Rahner Gets "Rotten"

Seattle Times columnist Mark Rahner examines current events through zombies and cowboys in "Rotten," an ongoing Moonstone series co-written with Robert Horton and drawn by Dan Dougherty. CBR News spoke with Rahner about the project.

Pirates + Cowboys =

Pirates + Cowboys = "Galveston"

"The Flash" writer Tom Peyer and Seattle Times critic Mark Rahner talk to CBR about "Galveston," their new miniseries from BOOM! based on the real-life relationship between famous cowboys and pirates.