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WC13: Eli Roth and

WC13: Eli Roth and "Hemlock Grove" Producers Tease Netflix's New Series

Eli Roth and executive producers Brian McGreevy, Lee Shipman, Mark Verheiden and Deran Sarafian spoke with Spinoff Online at WonderCon about their upcoming Netflix series "Hemlock Grove."

CBR TV: Mark Verheiden

CBR TV: Mark Verheiden

Writer Mark Verheiden stopped by CBR TV to discuss his career as a comics creator, producing the upcoming TNT series "Falling Skies" with Noah Wylie and Steve Spielberg, the show's comic tie-ins and more

Verheiden Talks

Verheiden Talks "Galactica," "Heroes" & "My Name Is Bruce"

Comics veteran and TV writer Mark Verheiden talks candidly about the film “My Name is Bruce,” the end of “Battlestar Galactica,” and overseeing the "Fugitives" arc of “Heroes.”