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Gage Broods About

Gage Broods About "Astonishing X-Men"

CBR News spoke with writer Christos Gage about his "Astonishing X-Men" story launching in May, his different take on the alien race known as the Brood, reuniting Kitty Pryde with Lockheed and much more.

When Words Collide - 3/28/2011

When Words Collide - 3/28/2011

In preparation for this season's Marvel and DC crossover events, Tim and special guest Graeme McMillan discuss the glory days of event books from years past: "Legends," "Millennium" and "Invasion!"

"Fear Itself" Results In The American Panther

Marvel has given CBR an exclusive look at what is presumably the Black Panther's next identity: American Panther. T'Challa will adopt the new look as a result of events stemming from "Fear Itself."


REVIEW: "Wolverine & Jubilee" #3

CBR reviewer Kelly Thompson gives "Wolverine and Jubilee" #3 4.5 stars calling the title by writer Kathryn Immonen and artist Phil Noto "the kind of miniseries that makes one wish it was an ongoing"



Marvel Comics has released an advance look at "Venom" #2 by the creative team of Rick Remender and Tony Moore. The acclaimed new series continues Wednesday, April 27.


REVIEW: "Hulk" #31

Doug Zawisza gives "Hulk" #31 4 stars, calling Jeff Parker and Gabriel Hardman's series as a whole, "a consistently energetic and informed read with a very tangible connection to the rest of the Marvel Universe."

Marvel Comics On Sale March 30, 2011

Marvel Comics On Sale March 30, 2011

Courtesy of Marvel, CBR brings you advance looks at new comics on sale next Wednesday including "5 Ronin" #5, "Captain America" #616, "Incredible Hulks" #625, "Secret Avengers" #11 and many more.

PRESS RELEASE: Marvel to Produce Exclusive Variant to Celebrate Exhibiting at First WonderCon

Marvel Releases Early

Marvel Releases Early "Fear Itself" Look

An early look at Stuart Immonen's pages for the upcoming Marvel event show the assembled Avengers dealing with the fall of Asgard while Matt Fraction describes "Fear Itself" as "bone-chilling 'Boo!' fear" for USA Today.



Courtesy of Marvel Comics, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Avengers" #11 by Brian Michael Bendis and John Romita Jr. The issue, sporting covers by Romita Jr. and Alan Davis, hits stores on MArch 30.



Doug Zawisza gives "FF" #1 4 stars, praising Jonathan Hickman and Steve Epting's new series debut by saying, "In short, this is a near perfect first issue for readers to jump into this fantastic new world"



Marvel has released an advance look at "Sigil" #2 by writer Mike Carey and artist Leonard Kirk with a Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic. The rebirth of the CrossGen universe continues Wednesday, April 20.

Gage Sends Spidey Back to School

Gage Sends Spidey Back to School

Writer Christos Gage joins regular "Amazing Spider-Man" writer Dan Slott in May for a two-part story that finds Spidey substitute teaching at "Avengers Academy." CBR spoke with Gage about the story.


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Secret Avengers" #12

Marvel Comics has provided CBR News with an exclusive first look at art from "Secret Avengers" #12, writer Ed Brubaker's final issue on the series.


ADVANCE PREVIEW: "The Mighty Thor" #1

Marvel has released an advance look at "The Mighty Thor" #1, a new series by writer Matt Fraction and artist Olivier Coipel. Featuring covers by Coipel, Travis Charest and Walt Simonson, the series hits April 27.


X-COMMUNICATED: "X-Men:Legacy" #246

In this installment of X-COMMUNICATED, CBR's in-depth look at the "Age of X" crossover, writer Mike Carey provides commentary and inside info for "X-Men: Legacy" #246, chapter three of the alternate reality event.

Marvel Welcomes You to

Marvel Welcomes You to "Spider-Island"

Marvel has announced "Spider-Island," the upcoming Spider-Man event storyline written by Dan Slott with Humberto Ramos on art. The story kicks off May 7 in a Free Comic Book Day copy of "Amazing Spider-Man."



Marvel Comics has released an advance look at "Hulk" #32 from the critically acclaimed creative team of Jeff Parker and Gabriel Hardman. Red Hulk smashes his way back into stores April 20!

Manhattan quarantined in Marvel’s

Manhattan quarantined in Marvel’s "Spider-Island"

The next big Spider-Man event finds the island of Manhattan under a quarantine as its citizens begin to manifest abilities similar to Peter Parker. ROBOT 6 has the details!


New "Thor," "Captain America" & "X-Men" Game Pics

SEGA has released new screenshots for their "Thor: God of Thunder" and "Captain America: The First Avenger" movie tie-in games while Activision has released new shots and character info for "X-Men Destiny."

SPINOFF: Marvel Debuts New

SPINOFF: Marvel Debuts New "Captain America" Photo

With a full-length trailer imminent, Marvel today unveiled a new official shot of a costumed Chris Evans from "Captain America: The First Avenger" in an unexpected place. SPINOFF has the pic.

Marvel Comics Solicitations for June, 2011

Marvel Comics Solicitations for June, 2011

Marvel Comics has provided CBR with covers and solicit information for product shipping June, 2011, including the latest from "FF," "Fear Itself," Captain America, "Thor," "Amazing Spider-Man" and more.


REVIEW: "Hulk" #30.1

Chad Nevett gives "Hulk" #30.1 a 4 star review, calling the jumping on point issue by the creative team of Jeff Parker and Gabriel Hardman "obviously designed to hook new readers and impress old ones."


ADVANCE PREVIEW: "Avengers" #12.1

Marvel Comics has released an advance look at "Avengers" #12.1, a special jumping-on point by regular series writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Bryan Hitch. The issue hits stores April 27.

C2E2: Liss Summons the

C2E2: Liss Summons the "Storm Hunter"

Writer David Liss and artist Jefte Paolo kick off “Storm Hunter” in the pages of “Black Panther: The Man Without Fear” this summer. CBR News spoke with Liss about pitting T'Challa against Kraven.

Liss Uncovers the

Liss Uncovers the "Mystery Men"

Launching in June, writer David Liss and artist Patrick Zircher introduce readers to Marvel's first generation of urban costumed heroes in "Mystery Men." CBR spoke with Liss about the miniseries.

C2E2: Williams Goes Back to the Future with

C2E2: Williams Goes Back to the Future with "The Iron Age"

In the "The Iron Age" a time traveling Iron Man and an all star team of Marvel Heroes from different eras must prevent Earth's destruction. We spoke with writer Rob Williams about the project.

C2E2: Pak's Final Hulk Story Exposes the

C2E2: Pak's Final Hulk Story Exposes the "Heart of the Monster"

He's made the Hulk a gladiator, a freedom fighter, a king and involved him in two wars. This summer, writer Greg Pak brings his five year run with the character to an end with "Heart of the Monster."


C2E2: "Supreme Power" Gets Real

Up-and-coming writer Kyle Higgins explains how his just-announced relaunch of Marvel's MAX take on superheroes will clash with our reality in a story that redefines Hyperion and Doctor Spectrum with a clean slate.


REVIEW: "Ruse" #1

Kelly Thompson gave "Ruse" #1 a 4 star review, calling the returning CrossGen title's debut by original writer Mark Waid and artist Mirco Pierfederici, "well written and well illustrated...enjoyable and engaging"

C2E2: Marvel's Next Big Thing Panel

C2E2: Marvel's Next Big Thing Panel

Marvel Comics wraps their weekend with their Next Big Thing panel featuring news from Brian Michael Bendis, Fred Van Lente, David Liss and more such as the return of "Supreme Power," the word on "Mystery Men" and Greg Pak's "Hulk" finale.

C2E2: Waid Brings

C2E2: Waid Brings "Daredevil" Back to New York

In July's “Daredevil” #1 by writer Mark Waid and artists Paolo Rivera and Marcos Martin, Matt Murdock returns home to resume his career as a super hero and a lawyer. CBR spoke with Waid about the series.

C2E2: Williams Blazes a New Trail for

C2E2: Williams Blazes a New Trail for "Ghost Rider"

Johnny Blaze attempts to rid himself of the Ghost Rider for good when writer Rob Williams and artist Matthew Clark launch a new "Ghost Rider" ongoing in June. CBR spoke with Williams about the book.

C2E2: Bunn Dives Into

C2E2: Bunn Dives Into "Fear Itself: The Deep"

Namor calls on some familiar faces to help defend the seas against a major threat in "Fear Itself: The Deep" from writer Cullen Bunn and artist Lee Garbett. CBR spoke to Bunn about the miniseries.

C2E2: Bendis & Bagley's

C2E2: Bendis & Bagley's "Brilliant" New Creation

Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley reunite for their first creator-owned collaboration, "Brilliant, a July-launching project which sees a group of college students unlock the secrets of super powers.

C2E2: Rucka Stays on Mission with

C2E2: Rucka Stays on Mission with "Punisher"

The urban jungles of Manhattan become a war zone again in August as acclaimed writer Greg Rucka and artist Marco Checchetto kick off a new ongoing "Punisher" series. We spoke with Rucka about the book.

C2E2: Avengers Assemble Panel

C2E2: Avengers Assemble Panel

The minds behind Marvel Comics best-selling line of Avengers comics prepare the team for the future at C2E2 with Brian Michael Bendis, Nick Spencer and more, and CBR was there for all the news.

C2E2: Welcome To The X-Men

C2E2: Welcome To The X-Men

The staff of Marvel took the stage at C2E2to discuss the current shape of everything from "Uncanny X-Force" to "Age of X" and tease which artist will soon take on "Wolverine" and which classic villain is set to return.

C2E2 EXCLUSIVE: Remender's Apocalyptic

C2E2 EXCLUSIVE: Remender's Apocalyptic "Dark Angel Saga"

CBR News spoke with "Uncanny X-Force" writer Rick Remember about the upcoming "Dark Angel Saga," which sees the team travel from the Marvel U to the "Age of Apocalypse" to rescue a fallen teammate.


REVIEW: "Thunderbolts" #155

Greg McElhatton gives "Thunderbolts" #155 4 stars, saying of Jeff Parker and Kev Walker's take on the series, "I don't think 'Thunderbolts' has been this much fun since the Kurt Busiek and Mark Bagley run."