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CCI: Marvel Announces

CCI: Marvel Announces "Strange Tales II"

Marvel officially announced "Strange Tales II" comprised of three giant-sized issues' worth of alternative, underground, indie, and web cartoonists putting their stamp on Marvel's characters. ROBOT 6 has details

CCI EXCLUSIVE: Van Lente's New

CCI EXCLUSIVE: Van Lente's New "Power Man & Iron Fist"

Fred Van Lente will give readers a new take on Marvel's classic buddy book withthe new "Power Man & Iron Fist." We spoke about the miniseries, which spins out of "Shadowland: Power Man."

CCI: Mondo Marvel Panel

CCI: Mondo Marvel Panel

The Mondo Marvel panel at Comic-Con International featured C.B. Cebulski, Brian Michael Bendis, Jeph Loeb and more announcing new projects including several Captain America series and "Rocket Raccoon and Groot."


CCI VIDEO: "Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions" Con Video

Activision has released their Comic-Con trailer for "Spider Man: Shattered Dimensions" revealing the fourth Spidey - a a symbiote-covered Ultimate Spider-Man facing off with Deadpool.


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Secret Avengers" #3

Courtesy of Marvel, CBR brings you an exclusive preview of "Secret Avengers" #3 by Ed Brubaker and Mike Deodato with a cover by Marko Djurdjevic, on sale next week in comics stores everywhere.

Marvel Releases

Marvel Releases "Thor," Captain America" Movie Promo Posters

Marvel Comics has released a look at the promotional posters for "Thor" and "Captain America: The First Avenger" that the publisher will be giving away this week at Comic-Con International.

X-POSITION: Victor Gischler

X-POSITION: Victor Gischler

"X-Men" and "Deadpool Corps" writer Victor Gischler joins CBR for the latest X-POSITION, answering your questions about the coming vampire infestation throughout the Marvel universe and what it means for mutantkind.

PRESS RELEASE: Marvel Expands the Comics For Comics Program


ADVANCE PREVIEW: "Invincible Iron Man" #29

Marvel Comics has released an advance preview of "Invincible Iron Man" #29, written by Matt Fraction with art and covers by Salvador Larocca. The issue hits stores Wednesday, August 11.

THE UNUSUAL SUSPECTS: Blood on the Streets

THE UNUSUAL SUSPECTS: Blood on the Streets

In this UNUSUAL SUSPECTS, "Shadowland: Blood on the Streets," Antony Johnston hooks up with NYPD Detective Rafe Scarfe's detailed reports on: Silver Sable, Misty Knight, Paladin and the Shroud.


SHE HAS NO HEAD: Schaefer & Sankovitch On

SHE HAS NO HEAD: Schaefer & Sankovitch On "Girl Comics"

Jeanine Schaefer and Lauren Sankovitch, the editors behind Marvel's recently concluded "Girl Comics," spoke with Kelly Thompson about the series, their favorite bits and the possibility of more.

The First Falls In

The First Falls In "X-Men" #2

Marvel Comics has released a teaser image from "X-Men" #2 featuring the son of Dracula turning the first - but assuredly not the last - X-Man into a member of his legion of the undead...


REVIEW: "Avengers Academy" #2

Timothy Callahan gave "Avengers Academy" #2 a 4 star review, saying of the Christos Gage/Mike McKone produced series, "This is one of the good ones, in a season when Marvel has had more than its share."

SPINOFF: Who Will Be The

SPINOFF: Who Will Be The "Runaways"

Now that it’s official that Marvel’s first true Marvel/Disney co-production - as well as first post-"Avengers" project - will be the much-anticipated "Runaways," we’re wondering: Who should star in the movie?

PRESS RELEASE: Scarlet #1 Sells Out And Returns With Second Printing

Marvel T&A: Cover Swaps And Character Comebacks

Marvel T&A: Cover Swaps And Character Comebacks

Tom Brevoort and Axel Alonso return to CBR with a look inside Marvel's latest debated covers for variants program as well as news of returning characters to "Secret Avengers" and Greg Rucka's Marvel comeback.

Brubaker Puts Captain America On Trial

Brubaker Puts Captain America On Trial

In the next arc for the Bucky Barnes-led era of "Captain America," the former Winter Soldier is forced to answer for his crimes under his Soviet masters, and Ed Brubaker gives CBR an early look inside the story.



Marvel has released an advance look at "X-23" #1, written by Marjorie Liu and illustrated by Will Conrad with covers by Danni Shinya Luo, Marko Djurdjevic and Gabriele Dell'Otto. It slices into stores September 15.

Marvel Comics on Sale July 21, 2010

Marvel Comics on Sale July 21, 2010

Courtesy of Marvel, CBR presents an advance look at new comics on sale next Wednesday, July 21, including "Avengers" #3, "Deadpool" #25, "New Avengers" #2, "Thunderbolts" #146, "X-Factor" #207 and more.

PRESS RELEASE: Meet Stan Lee at the Marvel Booth at San Diego Comic-Con

PRESS RELEASE: Your First Look at "The Thanos Imperative" #3


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Ultimate Comics Avengers 2" #5

Marvel Comics has provided CBR with an exclusive preview of "Ultimate Comics Avengers 2" #5, from writer Mark Millar and artist Leinil Francis Yu. The issue hits stores Wednesday, July 21.

McCann & Swierczynski Are

McCann & Swierczynski Are "Widow Makers"

Jim McCann & Duane Swierczynski discuss "Widow Maker," the "Hawkeye & Mockingbird" and "Black Widow" crossover which finds the title characters targeted by an assassin who has assumed the Ronin identity.

Cap Becomes A

Cap Becomes A "Fighting Avenger" In WWII

As part of a new ongoing series from Marvel, Steve Rogers' earliest exploits will be uncovered as "Atomic Robo" writer Brian Clevinger guides a young Cap across the many battlefields and supervillains of WWII.

Maberry Talks

Maberry Talks "Captain America: Hail HYDRA"

In January 2011, Jonathan Maberry and a team of artists kick off the five issue "Captain America: Hail HYDRA," a generations-spanning saga which pits the original Sentinel of Liberty with the terrorist organization.

Remender's New

Remender's New "X-Force" Team Revealed

Marvel Comics has unveiled the new line-up of X-Force as revealed in today's "X-Men: Second Coming" #2! "Uncanny X-Force" #1 debuts in October from Rick Remender and Jerome Opena.

McCool Reimagines

McCool Reimagines "The Korvac Saga"

The 1970s cosmic epic gets brought back to earth with a time displacement twist in "Captain America & The Korvac Saga" and writer Ben McCool tells CBR how he made the tale work now.


ADVANCE PREVIEW: "Ultimate Comics Avengers 3" #1

Marvel Comics has released an advance look at "Ultimate Comics Avengers 3" #1 by Mark Millar and Steve Dillon, with a cover by Leinil Francis Yu. The new miniseries debuts August 11.

PRESS RELEASE: "SHIELD" #1 Returns with Fourth Printing


ADVANCE PREVIEW: "Hawkeye & Mockingbird" #3

Marvel Comics has just released an advance preview for "Hawkeye & Mockingbird" #3, on sale August 4 from the creative team of Jim McCann and David Lopez with a cover by Paul Renaud.

Aguirre-Sacasa Gets Mischievous With

Aguirre-Sacasa Gets Mischievous With "Loki"

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and artist Sebastian Fiumara give readers a Shakespearean tragedy of godlike proportions when their miniseries "Loki" examines the events of Loki's life through another perspective.


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Punisher MAX: Happy Ending"

Courtesy of Marvel Comics, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Punisher MAX: Happy Ending" by Peter Milligan and Juan Jose Ryp. The one-shot hits stores Wednesday, August 4.

Marvel Announces New Cover Exchange Program

Marvel Announces New Cover Exchange Program

Marvel has announced a new Comics for Comics exchange program, this time targeting their own titles and allowing retailers to strip their covers with the goal of receiving a Deadpool "Wolverine" #1 variant.


REVIEW: "Steve Rogers: Super Soldier" #1

James Hunt gave "Steve Rogers: Super Soldier" #1 a 4-star review, saying that Ed Brubaker and Dale Eaglesham's new title is "an enjoyable, fast-paced read and one that seems to embody the spirit of the Heroic Age"


ADVANCE PREVIEW: "Incredible Hulk" #611

Marvel Comics has released an advance look at "The Incredible Hulk" #611 featuring the climax to "World War Hulks" as depicted by writer Greg Pak and artist Paul Pelletier. The issue smashes into stores August 11.

Huston Makes

Huston Makes "Wolverine: The Best There Is"

Charlie Huston and artist Juan Jose Ryp introduce Wolverine to a new and dangerous villain when the ongoing series "Wolverine: The Best There Is" debuts, featuring a cast culled from 70 years of Marvel history.


ADVANCE PREVIEW: "Shadowland" #2

Marvel Comics has released an advance preview of "Shadowland" #1 written by Andy Diggle with art by Billy Tan and a cover by John Cassaday. The issue descends upon stores Wednesday, August 4.

Feeding From A World That Hates And Fears Them...

Feeding From A World That Hates And Fears Them...

As the X-Men tackle vampires in the new "X-Men"" #1, ROBOT 6's Carla Hoffman looks at the new series, its relation to the current vampire phenomenon and the X-Men's history with Dracula.

Introducing Marvel T&A!

Introducing Marvel T&A!

CBR is proud to present a new weekly feature with Marvel VP Executive Editors Tom Brevoort & Axel Alonso with a first installment looking inside Marvel Editorial, the idea of too much Deadpool and two new project announcements.