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Jeph Loeb Talks Marvel TV

Jeph Loeb Talks Marvel TV

One week into his new position as the head of Marvel TV, and the writer behind Marvel hits like "The Hulk"is deep in the work of finding Marvel's first small screen show, asking fans to help his hunt.


SPINOFF: "Spider-Man" Casting Announcement Expected Soon

Sony execs have reportedly reviewed screen tests for the new Spider-Man and are expected to make their decision and subsequent casting announcement shortly. SPINOFF ONLINE has the details.

Jeph Loeb Appointed Marvel's Head of Television

Jeph Loeb Appointed Marvel's Head of Television

Jeph Loeb has been appointed Executive Vice President, Head of Television, a newly created division of Marvel Entertainment. In this position, Loeb will oversee the translation of Marvel characters to television.

Joe Quesada Promoted to Marvel Entertainment CCO

Joe Quesada Promoted to Marvel Entertainment CCO

The new title of Chief Creative Officer is added on as new responsibilities task the Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief with officially overseeing creative decisions for every aspect of Disney's Marvel Entertainment empire.


New "Iron Man 2" Stills Released

Paramount has released three new stills from "Iron Man 2, set for release in just a few short weeks. Among the pics are a shot of Iron Man in action, Tony Stark and Pepper Potts together and Iron Man and War Machine.


VIDEO: "Iron Man 2" Film Clip

Paramount Pictures and Marvel Entertainment have released a new clip from "Iron Man 2" featuring Tony Stark making a dramatic aerial entrance at Stark Expo in the Iron Man armor, much to the delight of the gathered crowd.

Activision, Marvel Unveil

Activision, Marvel Unveil "Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions"

Activision has released a trailer for "Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions," which allows players to play as Spider-Man, Spider-Man Noir and two more unrevealed versions of the character.

Cup O' Q&A: The Disney Acquisition

Cup O' Q&A: The Disney Acquisition

EXCLUSIVE: Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada answers questions posed by CBR News and CBR readers regarding the recently announced acquisition of Marvel Entertainment by The Walt Disney Company.