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Axel-In-Charge - 2/1/2013

Axel-In-Charge - 2/1/2013

Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso shows off the younger side of the Marvel Universe discussing "Young Avengers" and "Uncanny X-Force" alongside the diversity of "Fearless Defenders."


REVIEW: "Journey Into Mystery" #648

Kelly Thompson gives "Journey Into Mystery" #648 4 stars, saying Kathryn Immonen and Valerio Schitti bring "a deftness of hand in both idea and execution that makes "Journey Into Mystery" a joy to read."

Slott Swings into the New

Slott Swings into the New "Superior" Era of "Spider-Man"

CBR spoke with writer Dan Slott about the debut issue of "Superior Spider-Man," the upcoming "Fired" story line featuring the return of fan-favorite character Cardiac and his long term plans.


MARVEL NOW! FIRST LOOK: "Indestructible Hulk" & "Young Avengers"

Marvel has provided CBR with an exclusive first look at Leinil Yu's inked pages from his and Mark Waid's "Indestructible Hulk" #5 and the debut of Matthew Wilson's colors on Jamie McKelvie's "Young Avengers" #2 art.


REVIEW: "Uncanny X-Force" #1

James Hunt gives "Uncanny X-Force" #1 4 stars, saying the debut issue by Sam Humphries and Ron Garney "blows away any doubts readers might have about the series' future."

Axel-In-Charge - 1/25/2013

Axel-In-Charge - 1/25/2013

Special guest Jeph Loeb joins Marvel E-i-C Axel Alonso to discuss the creation of "Nova," the history of Sam Alexander on and off the screen and some breaking news about Marvel's next Cosmic-influenced event.

Deodato Enlists Hawkeye for

Deodato Enlists Hawkeye for "Age of Ultron"

Marvel has released a new "Age of Ultron" teaser image by "New Avengers" collaborator Mike Deodato featuring Hawkeye ensconced in shadow as he walks away from a city in ruins.

Granov Suits Up Iron Man For

Granov Suits Up Iron Man For "Age of Ultron"

Marvel's newly-released "Age of Ultron" teaser image by Adi Granov brings Iron Man in a classic armor to the forefront of a destroyed city for Brian Michael Bendis and Bryan Hitch's limited series.


5-STAR REVIEW: "Young Avengers" #1

Kelly Thompson gives "Young Avengers" #1 5 stars, saying Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie "deliver an incredibly satisfying, innovative and touching first issue that will leave readers absolutely pumped for this series."


REVIEW: "Avengers" #3

Greg McElhatton gives "Avengers" #3 written by Jonathan Hickman with art by Jerome Opena 4 stars, saying the conclusion of the series' first arc is "a thoroughly enjoyable and fun comic."

She-Hulk Smashes Into

She-Hulk Smashes Into "Age of Ultron"

Marvel Comics' latest teaser image by Fenghua Zhong for Brian Michael Bendis and Bryan Hitch's "Age of Ultron" gives a sneak peek at an expanded role for the Sensational She-Hulk in the fight against the Avengers' archnemesis.

PRESS RELEASE: Marvel NOW! Premiere Hardcover Collections to Include Codes for Bonus Digital Editions

Wood Has Sublime Plans for

Wood Has Sublime Plans for "X-Men"

In April, writer Brian Wood launches a new volume of "X-Men" featuring an all-star team of female heroes. CBR spoke with him about his plans including an appearance by the villainous Sublime.

New Teaser Hints At Major Role For Black Widow In

New Teaser Hints At Major Role For Black Widow In "Age of Ultron"

Marvel has released a new image by artist Jung-Geun Yoon featuring Black Widow, teasing the "Age of Ultron" event series by Brian Michael Bendis and Bryan Hitch.

Comics A.M. - Rob Liefeld Is a

Comics A.M. - Rob Liefeld Is a "Doer"; Critic Les Coleman Passes Awa

Rob Liefeld in the spotlight for Extreme Studios revival! U.K. critic Les Coleman passes away. Rick Remender delves into "Uncanny Avengers" plans! Ape's David Hedgecock on return of "Poison Elves"! Plus much more!

New Variants Show

New Variants Show "Age of Ultron's" Title Star in Action

Marvel Comics has released images of variant covers by artist Adi Granov for "Age of Ultron" #4 & #5. The maxiseries, which debuts March 6, is written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Bryan Hitch.


REVIEW: "All-New X-Men" #6

James Hunt gives "All-New X-Men" #6 by Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez 4 stars, saying of the series, "The possibilities seem endless, because the story treads on genuinely new ground."

PREVIEW: Bendis & Bachalo's

PREVIEW: Bendis & Bachalo's "Uncanny X-Men" #2

Marvel has released a first look at "Uncanny X-Men" #2 written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Chris Bachalo. Cyclops' new team of X-Men enact the next step of the mutant revolution February 27.

Marvel Comics Solicitations for April, 2013

Marvel Comics Solicitations for April, 2013

Marvel Comics has released its solicitations for comics on sale in March, 2013, including the latest Marvel NOW! releases including "Age of Ultron," "Thanos Rising" #1 and much more!


REVIEW: "Indestructible Hulk" #3

Ryan K. Lindsay gives Mark Waid and Leinil Francis Yu 4 stars, saying, "The action is bombastic, the characters are clear, fun and work well together with top-notch art and pacing."

Tilting at Windmills - 1/17/2013

Tilting at Windmills - 1/17/2013

With three months worth of data under his belt, Brian Hibbs weighs in on the initial success of the Marvel NOW! initiative, looking at its strengths and potential weaknesses through the prism of DC's New 52 reboot.

One of Bendis & Bachalo's

One of Bendis & Bachalo's "Uncanny X-Men" Is A Traitor

In the newest piece of teaser art for Marvel's "Uncanny X-Men" relaunch by Brian Michael Bendis and Chris Bachalo, a caption reveals that one of Cyclops' new team is actually a traitor.

EXCLUSIVE: Spurrier Redefines Xavier's Dream in

EXCLUSIVE: Spurrier Redefines Xavier's Dream in "X-Men: Legacy"

"X-Men: Legacy" follows the exploits of Legion as he struggles to gain control of his fractured psyche and redefine his late father's dream. CBR spoke with writer Simon Spurrier about his plans.

Aaron and Bianchi Explore

Aaron and Bianchi Explore "Thanos Rising" in April

Marvel has released information on its newest Marvel NOW! series, "Thanos Rising," written by Jason Aaron with art by Simone Bianchi that explores the origins of the Mad Titan and may set up a new Marvel event.

"X-Men" Is No Stranger To Powerful Women

Following the announcement of Brian Wood and Olivier Coipel's "X-Men" relaunch featuring an all-female cast, Alan Kistler examines the Children of the Atom's long history of strong, powerful women.

The Mayo Report:

The Mayo Report: "Amazing Spider-Man," "Marvel NOW! & Batman Top December

John Mayo drills past the dominance of Marvel NOW! and Batman in the top ten December-releasing titles, looking at "Hawkeye" bucking traditional sales trends, Valiant's performance and more.

Bendis Goes Galactic With

Bendis Goes Galactic With "Guardians of the Galaxy"

In a special press conference call, scribe Brian Michael Bendis discussed his plans for Marvel's upcoming "Guardians of the Galaxy" ongoing series for Marvel NOW!, teasing links to the upcoming "Age of Ultron" and more.

PRESS RELEASE: "Thunderbolts" is "Explosive" as Artist Phil Noto Joins Writer Daniel Way

Gillen Introduces His

Gillen Introduces His "Young Avengers"

In anticipation of his "Young Avengers" ongoing with artist Jamie McKelvie, Kieron Gillen discusses the cast of the upcoming Marvel NOW! book in a series of posts on his personal blog.

Wood and Coipel Mutate

Wood and Coipel Mutate "X-Men" for Marvel NOW!

Writer Brian Wood and artist Olivier Coipel take on a cast of female mainstay mutants in "X-Men," the latest series to launch as part of Marvel Comics' Marvel NOW! publishing initiative in April.

PRESS RELEASE: Marvel NOW! Teases "Game On" in Hopeless & Walker's "Avengers Arena"


REVIEW: "Thor: God of Thunder" #4

Ryan K. Lindsay gives "Thor: God of Thunder" #4 4 stars, calling the issue by Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic "a mighty issue enjoyable on its own that leaves readers with the best feeling a monthly comic could deliver."



Courtesy of Marvel Comics, CBR presents an exclusive preview of Brian Michael Bendis and Chris Bachalo's "Uncanny X-Men" #1. The flagship X-Men title begins a bold new direction February 13.

The Line It Is Drawn: Lesser-Known Marvel NOW! Titles

The Line It Is Drawn: Lesser-Known Marvel NOW! Titles

The Line it is Drawn returns for the New Year with a collection of lesser-known Marvel NOW! first issues like Batroc, Beta Ray Bill, Squadron Supreme, Planet Terry and more!

PRESS RELEASE: Marvel Teases Aaron and Bianchi's Marvel NOW! "Birth"

Slott Teases Spider-Man 2099 For

Slott Teases Spider-Man 2099 For "Superior Spider-Man"

Following rumors that Miguel O'Hara, the Spider-Man of 2099, would be the star of "Superior Spider-Man," series writer Dan Slott confirms the character will appear in the newly-launched Marvel NOW! book.

Keatinge Drinks the Blood of Brooklyn in

Keatinge Drinks the Blood of Brooklyn in "Morbius"

In "Morbius: The Living Vampire" #1, the fugitive vampire took refuge in a crime plagued Brooklyn neighborhood. CBR spoke with writer Joe Keatinge about the issue's fallout and his plans for the series.

X-POSITION: Humphries Reinvents

X-POSITION: Humphries Reinvents "Uncanny X-Force"

Incoming "Uncanny X-Force" writer Sam Humphries makes his X-POSITION debut, answering your questions about his new mutant ninja noir squad premiering later this month.

ADVANCE REVIEW: Slott & Stegman's

ADVANCE REVIEW: Slott & Stegman's "Superior Spider-Man" #1

Ryan K. Lindsay gives Dan Slott and Ryan Stegman's "Superior Spider-Man" #1 4 stars, calling the Marvel NOW! debut issue of Spidey's new status quo "intriguing, well thought out, exciting and downright fun."

Young Kid-ifies

Young Kid-ifies "Uncanny X-Men" #1

Skottie Young's variant cover for Brian Bendis and Chris Bachalo's "Uncanny X-Men" #1 has surfaced online, bringing Young's take on Cyclops' new outfit and the future of the "Uncanny" team.