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PREVIEW: The Origin of Spidey's Sidekick Alpha in

PREVIEW: The Origin of Spidey's Sidekick Alpha in "Amazing Spider-Man" #692

Following the announcement of Spidey's sidekick earlier this morning, Marvel has released a preview of Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos' "Amazing Spider-Man" #692 featuring the first appearance and origin of Alpha.


5-STAR REVIEW: "Uncanny X-Force" #8

Ryan Lindsay gives writer Rick Remender and artist Billy Tan's "Uncanny X-Force" #8 a 5-star review, calling the series "one of the subversively smartest books Marvel [Comics] puts out."

"Avengers Academy" Crashes into "Fear Itself"

"Fear Itself" collides with "Avengers Academy" in June as Marvel's heroes-in-training enter the mega-crossover in a story by written by Christos Gage with art by Tom Raney and a Billy Tan cover.


ADVANCE PREVIEW: "Fantastic Four" #588

Marvel Comics has released an advance look at "Fantastic Four" #588 by writer Jonathan Hickman and artists Nick Dragotta and Mark Brooks with an Alan Davis cover. The final issue of the series hits stores February 23.

When Words Collide - 1/25/2011

When Words Collide - 1/25/2011

Tim begins a lengthy look at Daredevil with the help of CBR reviewer Ryan K. Lindsay. From Stan Lee to Ann Nocenti and Ed Brubaker, they discuss the essentials of the Man Without Fear in "The Daredevil Dialogues."

Are You Strong Enough to be My Spider-Man?

Are You Strong Enough to be My Spider-Man?

ROBOT 6's Carla Hoffman looks back at the recent - and controversial - Spider-Man storyline "One Moment in Time" and declares "Joe Quesada was right."

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