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WC11: Marvel Debuts Two New

WC11: Marvel Debuts Two New "Thor" Posters

Today at WonderCon Marvel unveiled two new posters of Chris Hemsworth as the god of thunder and Tom Hiddleston as the god of mischief in "Thor." SPINOFF has details.

PRESS RELEASE: Marvel Announces Panel Schedule for WonderCon


New "Thor" Photo Debuts

A new image debuted this morning of star Chris Hemsworth as the god of thunder, with Mjolnir and helmet, from Marvel's much-anticipated "Thor." The movie opens on May 6. SPINOFF has details.

"Amazing Spider-Man" Writer Returns for Sequel

Although director Marc Webb is still shooting "The Amazing Spider-Man," Sony has already signed screenwriter James Vanderbilt to start work on the sequel. SPINOFF has details.

Manhattan quarantined in Marvel’s

Manhattan quarantined in Marvel’s "Spider-Island"

The next big Spider-Man event finds the island of Manhattan under a quarantine as its citizens begin to manifest abilities similar to Peter Parker. ROBOT 6 has the details!

C2E2: Cup O' Joe

C2E2: Cup O' Joe

Marvel's main event Saturday evening at C2E2 was the Cup O' Joe panel, where Joe Quesada, Brian Michael Bendis, Matt Fraction, and friends announced creative teams for "Daredevil" and "Punisher," answered fan questions, and more.

C2E2: Fear Itself Panel

C2E2: Fear Itself Panel

Marvel announced "Ghost Rider" and "Fear Itself: The Deep" at an afternoon panel at C2E2, as Brian Michael Bendis, CB Cebulski, and a host of creators discuss the crossover event and tie-in titles.

PRESS RELEASE: Christmas Comes Early This Year With "Marvel Zombies Christmas Carol"


REVIEW: "Incognito: Bad Influences" #4

Ryan Lindsay has reviewed "Incognito: Bad Influences" #4 by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, giving it a four and a half star rating and saying, "there is so much to enjoy in this issue that you should read it more than once."


REVIEW: "Thunderbolts" #154

Ryan Lindsay takes a look at Jeff Parker and Declan Shalvey's "Thunderbolts" #154, giving it four stars and calling the series "the cool kid of the Marvel publishing playground" for its "daring sense of bucking trends."

TALK TO THE HAT: Talking Turkey With One Fan

TALK TO THE HAT: Talking Turkey With One Fan

In a very special installment of his regular CBR column, Marvel SVP of Publishing Tom Brevoort welcomes Message Border Sighphi to talk pricing, the state of mutants, Spidey's Future Foundationing and more.

"The Avengers" to Film in Cleveland

Ohio's governor announced this afternoon that the state film office has reached a deal with Marvel to shoot part of "The Avengers" in Cleveland after the project was withdrawn from Michigan. SPINOFF has details.

PRESS RELEASE: TFAW Hosts Fear Itself Signing and Q&A With Matt Fraction

You Decide - Best Marvel Comics run of the 1980s!

You Decide - Best Marvel Comics run of the 1980s!

In the latest of CSBG's month-long series of polls, we want to know what you think was the best Marvel comics run of the 1980s! Byrne's FF? Miller's Daredevil? Claremont/Byrne X-Men? Come here to decide!

Age of X Dialogues - X-Men Legacy #245 and New Mutants #22

Age of X Dialogues - X-Men Legacy #245 and New Mutants #22

Chad Nevett and Kelly Thompson continue their series of discussions about Marvel's Age of X crossover. Today they look at the first two chapters of the storyline. Come see what they thought!

TALK TO THE HAT: Royalties & Relaunches

TALK TO THE HAT: Royalties & Relaunches

Marvel SVP of Publishing Tom Brevoort strikes back on CBR with some plain talk on comic royalties, the characters who will keep getting their own titles, and Avengers news…plus, a special invite for one fan to join the conversation.


TEASER: "Uncanny X-Men" MMXI

Today's Year of the X-Men teaser from Marvel focuses on "Uncanny X-Men," as the metal giant Colossus dons the helmet of Juggernaut and states grimly, "I will do what needs to be done."

PRESS RELEASE: Spider-Man Teams with Top Chef’s Eli Kirshtein


FIRST LOOK: "Captain America" #616

Marvel has released an advance preview of "Captain America" #616, with a look at pages from several members of the all-star lineup including Ed McGuinness, Howard Chaykin, Mike Deodato, and more!


FIRST LOOK: "X-Men Giant Size" #1

Marvel has released an advance look at May's "X-Men Giant Size" #1 by Christopher Yost, Paco Medina, and Dalibor Talijic, which kicks off the "X-Men: First to Last" storyline crossing over into the regular X-books.


REVIEW: "Uncanny X-Force" #5

James Hunt reviews "Uncanny X-Force" #5 by Rick Remender and Esad Ribic, giving it four and a half stars and saying "if you’re an X-Men fan and you’re not reading this title, you’re missing out on something special."


TEASER: "New Mutants" MMXI

Marvel has released its first teaser image for MMXI—The Year of the X-Men, in which the New Mutants seemingly hunt down X-Man and Blink below a tag line stating, "We will get them, no matter what!"


New "Thor" Trailer Debuts

In a week filled with comic-book television and movie news, the latest is Marvel and Paramount Pictures releasing a brand new theatrical trailer for the Kenneth Branagh-directed "Thor."

Shane Black Finalizes

Shane Black Finalizes "Iron Man 3" Deal?

Yesterday's rumor looks to step up to today's headline as the "Lethal Weapon" creator and "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang" director Shane Black is reportedly in final negiciation's to direct Marvel "Iron Man 3" for pal Robert Downey Jr.

PRESS RELEASE: Everything Changes in "Astonishing X-Men" This Spring

PRESS RELEASE: C2E2 Announces Major Exhibitors, Downtown Shuttle Service

PRESS RELEASE: "Fear Itself" Rallies Marvel's "Youth in Revolt"

Bendis and Maleev Talk

Bendis and Maleev Talk "Moon Knight"

The team behind a defining run on "Daredevil," and the ambitious "Spider-Woman" reunite for "Moon Knight" in May. Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev held a press call Thursday afternoon, and CBR was there.

Shane Black to Direct 'Iron Man 3?'

Shane Black to Direct 'Iron Man 3?'

Writer/Director Shane Black is in "contention" to helm the third "Iron Man" film. The director's slot has been vacant since "Iron Man" and "Iron Man 2" director Jon Favreau stepped away late last year.

PRESS RELEASE: Marvel Welcomes Jane Austen to the X-Men

PRESS RELEASE: Marvel Announces Comics on Chrome

PRESS RELEASE: Marvel Announces New Date for "Formic Wars" ComicsPRO Launch Party

Rick Remender Reinvents

Rick Remender Reinvents "Venom"

In Marvel's press conference call with writer Rick Remender and editor Stephen Wacker on the upcoming "Venom" ongoing series illustrated by Tony Moore, the unscripted chat yielded the new Lethal Protector's identity and more.


PREVIEW: "Takio"

Marvel has released a new seven-page preview of Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming's all-ages graphic novel "Takio," which is due in stores March 2 under the creator-owned Icon imprint.

Bendis Gets Furious with the “New Avengers”

Bendis Gets Furious with the “New Avengers”

Brian Michael Bendis is set to tell two very different “New Avengers” stories with three different artists. We spoke with him about his plans for the series, including a tale that unfolds through Nick Fury's past and present.

Marvel Releases New

Marvel Releases New "Fear Itself: Throne of Blood" Teaser

Marvel Comics has released a teaser for "Throne of Blood: Birth of a Vampire," which ties into the "Fear Itself" event. The series, by Victor Gischler and Goran Parlov, debuts in April.

Parker Plots a General Strike in

Parker Plots a General Strike in "Hulk"

When Jeff Parker and Gabriel Hardman began their run on "Hulk," the creators forced the title character, the Red Hulk. upon to the road to redemption -- a bumpy road that's about to get much, much rougher.


REVIEW: "Iron Man" #500

Benjamin Bailey looks at "Iron Man" #500 by Matt Fraction, giving it a four star review, praising the four artists and saying the issue "shows what a great creative team can do when it’s given the room to stretch its legs."

Gage Looks to the Future in “Avengers Academy”

Gage Looks to the Future in “Avengers Academy”

“Avengers Academy” #8, in stores now, is the first of several big issues for the series. We spoke with writer Christos Gage about his plans for the book, which include a glimpse at the future selves of the teen protagonists.

PRESS RELEASE: Marvel and ComicsPRO Team Up for Early Launch of Orson Scott Card’s "Formic Wars: Burning Earth"