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REVIEW: "Uncanny X-Force" #5

James Hunt reviews "Uncanny X-Force" #5 by Rick Remender and Esad Ribic, giving it four and a half stars and saying "if you’re an X-Men fan and you’re not reading this title, you’re missing out on something special."


TEASER: "New Mutants" MMXI

Marvel has released its first teaser image for MMXI—The Year of the X-Men, in which the New Mutants seemingly hunt down X-Man and Blink below a tag line stating, "We will get them, no matter what!"


New "Thor" Trailer Debuts

In a week filled with comic-book television and movie news, the latest is Marvel and Paramount Pictures releasing a brand new theatrical trailer for the Kenneth Branagh-directed "Thor."

Shane Black Finalizes

Shane Black Finalizes "Iron Man 3" Deal?

Yesterday's rumor looks to step up to today's headline as the "Lethal Weapon" creator and "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang" director Shane Black is reportedly in final negiciation's to direct Marvel "Iron Man 3" for pal Robert Downey Jr.

PRESS RELEASE: Everything Changes in "Astonishing X-Men" This Spring

PRESS RELEASE: C2E2 Announces Major Exhibitors, Downtown Shuttle Service

PRESS RELEASE: "Fear Itself" Rallies Marvel's "Youth in Revolt"

Bendis and Maleev Talk

Bendis and Maleev Talk "Moon Knight"

The team behind a defining run on "Daredevil," and the ambitious "Spider-Woman" reunite for "Moon Knight" in May. Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev held a press call Thursday afternoon, and CBR was there.

Shane Black to Direct 'Iron Man 3?'

Shane Black to Direct 'Iron Man 3?'

Writer/Director Shane Black is in "contention" to helm the third "Iron Man" film. The director's slot has been vacant since "Iron Man" and "Iron Man 2" director Jon Favreau stepped away late last year.

PRESS RELEASE: Marvel Welcomes Jane Austen to the X-Men

PRESS RELEASE: Marvel Announces Comics on Chrome

PRESS RELEASE: Marvel Announces New Date for "Formic Wars" ComicsPRO Launch Party

Rick Remender Reinvents

Rick Remender Reinvents "Venom"

In Marvel's press conference call with writer Rick Remender and editor Stephen Wacker on the upcoming "Venom" ongoing series illustrated by Tony Moore, the unscripted chat yielded the new Lethal Protector's identity and more.


PREVIEW: "Takio"

Marvel has released a new seven-page preview of Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming's all-ages graphic novel "Takio," which is due in stores March 2 under the creator-owned Icon imprint.

Bendis Gets Furious with the “New Avengers”

Bendis Gets Furious with the “New Avengers”

Brian Michael Bendis is set to tell two very different “New Avengers” stories with three different artists. We spoke with him about his plans for the series, including a tale that unfolds through Nick Fury's past and present.

Marvel Releases New

Marvel Releases New "Fear Itself: Throne of Blood" Teaser

Marvel Comics has released a teaser for "Throne of Blood: Birth of a Vampire," which ties into the "Fear Itself" event. The series, by Victor Gischler and Goran Parlov, debuts in April.

Parker Plots a General Strike in

Parker Plots a General Strike in "Hulk"

When Jeff Parker and Gabriel Hardman began their run on "Hulk," the creators forced the title character, the Red Hulk. upon to the road to redemption -- a bumpy road that's about to get much, much rougher.


REVIEW: "Iron Man" #500

Benjamin Bailey looks at "Iron Man" #500 by Matt Fraction, giving it a four star review, praising the four artists and saying the issue "shows what a great creative team can do when it’s given the room to stretch its legs."

Gage Looks to the Future in “Avengers Academy”

Gage Looks to the Future in “Avengers Academy”

“Avengers Academy” #8, in stores now, is the first of several big issues for the series. We spoke with writer Christos Gage about his plans for the book, which include a glimpse at the future selves of the teen protagonists.

PRESS RELEASE: Marvel and ComicsPRO Team Up for Early Launch of Orson Scott Card’s "Formic Wars: Burning Earth"


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEWS: "Avengers" #9 and "Captain America" #614

Courtesy of Marvel Comics, CBR has exclusive previews of "Avengers" #9 by Brian Michael Bendis and John Romita, Jr., and "Captain America" #614 by Ed Brubaker and Butch Guice. Both are in stores January 26.

Talking Comics with Shawn Crystal

Talking Comics with Shawn Crystal

ROBOT 6's Tim O'Shea spoke with SCAD professor and artist Shawn Crystal about "Wolverine & Deadpool: The Decoy," a digital-only comic written by Stuart Moore, as well as writers and artists to watch this year.

Remender Cranks the Metal in “Uncanny X-Force”

Remender Cranks the Metal in “Uncanny X-Force”

In coming months, the cast of “Uncanny X-Force” will face off against an onslaught of cybernertic enemies. We spoke with writer Rick Remender about the series, including a special 5.1 issue featuring art by Rafael Albuquerque.


FIRST LOOK: "Age of X" Chapter 2

Marvel Comics has released an unlettered preview of "New Mutants" #22, the second chapter of the "Age of X" crossover with "X-Men Legacy," written by Mike Carey with art by Steve Kurth. The issue hits stores in February.

X-POSITION: Jason Aaron

X-POSITION: Jason Aaron

In this week's X-POSITION, “Wolverine” writer Jason Aaron answers your questions about hell, Logan’s evolving spirituality, and shares some "Astonishing" teases. Plus exclusive art by Daniel Acuña.

PRESS RELEASE: Marvel Knights Animation: "Black Panther" In Stores Now


ADVANCE PREVIEW: "Hulk" #30 with Ed McGuinness

Marvel has released an early look at next month's "Hulk" #30, written by Jeff Parker and featuring the return of original Red Hulk artist Ed McGuinness! The issue smashes into stores February 16.

Gillen Prepares His “Uncanny” Solo

Gillen Prepares His “Uncanny” Solo

Beginning in April, “Uncanny X-Men" co-writer Kieron Gillen is going solo. We spoke with him about his plans for the series, including a special issue with artist Carlos Pacheco and an arc devoted to Kitty Pryde and Colossus.

Bendis Plots the “Death of Spider-Man”

Bendis Plots the “Death of Spider-Man”

Ultimate Spider-Man is in for the fight of his life - a fight that'll have consequences for the entire Ultimate line. We spoke Brian Michael Bendis about the “Death of Spider-Man" and got an exculsive look at art! UPDATED


REVIEW: "Daredevil Reborn" #1

James Hunt gives "Daredevil Reborn" #1 a four and a half star review, praising Davide Gianfelice's art, saying, "the visuals perfectly evoke Murdock’s inner conflict in a way that the character’s stoicism alone wouldn’t."

Gillen Embarks on a “Journey Into Mystery”

Gillen Embarks on a “Journey Into Mystery”

Terror grips the Marvel universe in April in “Fear Itself,” and hope might rest with a secret team of mythological operatives fielded by Loki. We spoke with Kieron Gillen about his new ongoing series "Journey Into Mystery."


REVIEW: "Thor: The Mighty Avenger" #8

Chad Nevett reviewed the final issue of "Thor: Mighty Avenger," giving it four stars and saying "it ends on an emotional high note with Thor demonstrating his growth over the course of the series."

PRESS RELEASE: Marvel Offers "Heroes for Hire" #1 Free within "Avengers" #10

Bumping the

Bumping the "Marvel Pinball" Table with ZEN Studios

Iconic characters, 3-D animated characters, bumpers and silver balls all mean another ZEN Studios game, this time based on the Marvel U. CBR talks to ZEN's Mel Kirk about their latest effort.

PRESS RELEASE: Marvel Releases "Captain America: A Little Help" To Combat Suicide

Marvel Announces

Marvel Announces "Fear Itself"

After a week of teaser images, Marvel announced "Fear Itself" by Matt Fraction and Stuart Immonen at New York's Midtown Comics. The event launches with a prologue in March followed by a seven-issue miniseries. UPDATED with new art.

Marvel Comics On Sale December 22, 2010

Marvel Comics On Sale December 22, 2010

Courtesy of Marvel, CBR brings you advance looks at new comics on sale next Wednesday including "Deadpool" #30, "Punisher: In the Blood" #2, "Secret Avengers" #8, "X-Men Legacy" #243 and more.

PRESS RELEASE: Marvel Knights Animation Presents "Black Panther"



Courtesy of Marvel Comics, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Deadpool MAX" #4 by writer David Lapham and artist Kyle Baker. Deadpool reunites with his buddy Cable, Wednesday, January 19.

"Spider-Man" Finds New Flash Thompson

"Hannah Montanna" actor Chris Zylka has officially been confirmed as playing Peter Parker's high school bully and Spider-Man's biggest supporter as Flash Thompson comes to the Sony reboot.