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Sturges & Justus Canon-ize

Sturges & Justus Canon-ize "Fables: The Wolf Amongst Us"

Not only is Matt Sturges and Dave Justus' "The Wolf Amongst Us" tied to the events of Telltale's video game, it's a Bill Willingham-approved "Fables" prequel.

NYCC: DC Digital Adds

NYCC: DC Digital Adds "Wonder Woman '77," "Mortal Kombat X" & "Fables: Wolf Among Us"

Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman returns alongside two video game tie-ins from the likes of Mark Andreyko and Matt Sturges.

NYCC: Dynamite Unveils New Books from Remender, Seeley, Fialkov & More

NYCC: Dynamite Unveils New Books from Remender, Seeley, Fialkov & More

Dynamite Entertainment made a big splash at New York Comic Con announcing new projects from top creators like Rick Remender, Tim Seeley, Joshua Hale Fialkov, Andy Lanning and more.

PRESS RELEASE: Dynamite Announces "Damsels" Spin-Off Series By Matt Sturges

Sturges Goes Hollywood With

Sturges Goes Hollywood With "Fairest"

Writer Matt Sturges discussed his and artist Shawn McManus' Beauty and Beast-starring stand-alone story for "Fairest," Vertigo and Bill Willingham's latest "Fables" spinoff series.

CCI: First Comics Returns to its Roots -- and Branches Out

CCI: First Comics Returns to its Roots -- and Branches Out

Max Allan Collins returns to "Ms. Tree," the Fillbach Brothers illustrate Larry Young's "Hemogoblin," and Matt Sturges preps two new books as First Comics continues to expand its lineup.


CCI: "Fables" Creators Panel Recap

Bill Willingham and a cast of creators responsible for DC/Vertigo’s Fables Universe tease upcoming arcs, the spinoff series "Fairest" and a new "Fables" game

Sturges and Power Girl Display

Sturges and Power Girl Display "Girl Power"

Matt Sturges spoke with CBR about taking over the writing reins of "Power Girl" for a two-issue story illustrated by regular artist Sami Basri that explores conventions, fandom and female empowerment!

The Great

The Great "Fables" Crossover Interview

As "Fables" reaches its landmark issue #100, CBR spoke with with creator Bill Willingham about the Eisner Award-winning title with "Jack of Fables" writer Matt Sturges stopping by to discuss the spinoff series' finale.

CCI: Vertigo: On the Edge

CCI: Vertigo: On the Edge

The creative forces between DC Comics' Vertigo imprint took to the CCI stage to discuss the company's various titles and what's to come in popular titles such as "Daytripper," "Unknown Soldier," "Fables" and more.


CCI: "Fables" Panel

Bill Willingham and the rest of the "Fables" crew discussed the 100th issue of the long-running Vertigo series, "Jack of Fables," "House of Mystery" and more at their Comic-Con International panel.

Sturges Rounds Up the

Sturges Rounds Up the "All-Stars"

CBR looks back with writer Matt Sturges following the first arc on the recently launched "JSA All-Stars" series and he teases what's still to come for the DCU's youngest society of legacy heroes in training.

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