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Matthew Loux Concludes "Salt Water Taffy's" "Caldera's Revenge"

Matthew Loux Concludes "Salt Water Taffy's" "Caldera's Revenge"

Cartoonist Matthew Loux talks about his most recent "Salt Water Taffy" volume from Oni Press concluding the series' first two-parter, talks about the New England influences on his work and why he doesn't eat lobster.

NYCC: Oni Press Panel

NYCC: Oni Press Panel

Oni Press announced more “Hopeless Savages,” a new spy book from Antony Johnston, and what they described as their most ambitious book yet in Sunday's jam-packed panel at New York Comic Con.

Endless Summer: Matthew Loux's âSalt Water Taffyâ

Endless Summer: Matthew Loux's “Salt Water Taffy”

Summer vacation in Chowder Bay continues in “Salt Water Taffy: The Truth About Dr. True,” the third volume of Matthew Loux's all-ages graphic novels. We spoke with Loux about his new supernatural mystery story.

A Second Helping of âSalt Water Taffyâ

A Second Helping of “Salt Water Taffy”

Cartoonist Matthew Loux discusses the latest installment of his all-ages Oni Press hit, "Salt Water Taffy," in which the teenage heroes Jack and Benny take "A Climb Up Mt. Barnabas." Plus a sixteen-page preview!

PRESS RELEASE: Oni Press delivers more "Salt Water Taffy" this week

A Look Back on MoCCA Art Festival 2008

A Look Back on MoCCA Art Festival 2008

The Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art held its annual MoCCA Art Festival in Manhattan last weekend, and CBR News was there to take in the sights and speak with organizers and professionals in attendance.

Lobsters & Candy: Loux talks "Salt Water Taffyâ

Lobsters & Candy: Loux talks "Salt Water Taffy”

It’s nearly summer and cartoonist Matthew Loux is taking readers on a family vacation, courtesy of Oni Press. We spoke with the ALA award-winning creator about “Salt Water Taffy.” Warning: giant lobsters ahead.