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WC13: Valiant Goes Beyond

WC13: Valiant Goes Beyond "Harbinger Wars"

Newly exclusive writer Joshua Dysart and Valiant staff and creators entertained fans at WonderCon in Anaheim with previews of their "Harbinger Wars" crossover and other upcoming surprises.

PRESS RELEASE: "The Last of the Greats" is Humankind's Last Hope

Fialkov is

Fialkov is "The Last of the Greats"

Writer Joshua Hale Fialkov brings gods to earth and changes the face of humanity in his Image Comics ongoing series "The Last of the Greats," and CBR has the exclusive.

Moder Sheds Light on

Moder Sheds Light on "Shinku"

With the first issue in stores now from Image Comics, artist Lee Moder spoke with CBR News about the creative process behind "Shinku," a modern Japanese vampire epic written by Ron Marz.

Shelf Life - 4/7/2011

Shelf Life - 4/7/2011

This week, Ron Marz shines the spotlight on creator-owned comics and the risk and rewards they offer with an in-depth look into the creation of "Shinku," his new Image Comics title.