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EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Abe Sapien's" Arizona Adventures Continue

Abe continues his Arizona adventure in this exclusive preview of "Abe Sapien" #10, by Mignola, Allie and Fiumara.

Arcudi Brings the Team Home for

Arcudi Brings the Team Home for "B.P.R.D.: 1948"

Writer John Arcudi speaks to CBR about the five-issue "B.P.R.D.: 1948" with art by Max Fiumara and teases what the team finds when they enter a nuclear testing facility in Utah.

Arcudi, Mignola Prepare The B.P.R.D. For

Arcudi, Mignola Prepare The B.P.R.D. For "The Return Of The Master"

John Arcudi and Mike Mignola discuss "B.P.R.D. - Hell On Earth: The Return Of The Master," artist Tyler Crooks' stepping into Guy Davis' shoes and Cameron Stewart's upcoming "Hell On Earth: Exorcism" one-shot.

Mignola Transforms The Vampires of

Mignola Transforms The Vampires of "B.P.R.D."

As part of a new slate of comics from the "B.P.R.D.: Hell On Earth" setting, Mike Mignola is tapping new writers, artists and ideas to bring vampires close to Hellboy in "The Transformation of J.H. O'Donnell" while eying Abe Sapien.

EXCLUSIVE: Allie Enlists with

EXCLUSIVE: Allie Enlists with "B.P.R.D."

Longtime "Hellboy" & "B.P.R.D." editor Scott Allie spoke to CBR about the Bureau tales he co-wrote with Mike Mignola, as well as the series' direction in the second half of 2012.

Four Artists Raise Hell in

Four Artists Raise Hell in "B.P.R.D." This Spring

We spoke with artists James Harren, Tyler Crook, Jason Latour and Max Fiumara, each of whom will draw a new chapter in Mike Mignola and John Arcudi's "B.P.R.D.: Hell on Earth" saga, throughout the spring.


NYCC EXCLUSIVE: "Hulk Smash Avengers" Weekly & Ties into "Avengers" Film

CBR News spoke with the creators of Marvel's "Hulk Smash Avengers" series that ties into the upcoming "Avengers" movie and chronicles the Jade Giant's rocky relationship with the Avengers.

Asmus Finishes His

Asmus Finishes His "Escape From the Negative Zone"

CBR spoke with writer James Asmus about "Namor: The First Mutant Annual" #1, which brings his "Escape From the Negative Zone" storyline to a close and pits the X-Men and Steve Rogers against a berserk sea lord.


PREVIEW: "Amazing Spider-Man" #637

Marvel Comics has released an advance look at "Amazing Spider-Man" #637, featuring the story behind the new Spider-Girl. The issue, featuring part 4 of "The Grim Hunt," hits comic stores on Wednesday, July 21.

Spinning Spider-Man's Web: Part 1

Spinning Spider-Man's Web: Part 1

In part one of our two part interview, "Amazing Spider-Man" editor Stephen Wacker spoke about creating Spidey's world, planning stories, holding creative retreats and polishing up Spidey's classic foes for a new era.

A Boy & His Dragon: Kelly talks

A Boy & His Dragon: Kelly talks "Four Eyes"

For one boy in 1930s Broolklyn, life is about the Depression, losing his dad to crime, and training a dragon. Joe Kelly talks his new series "Four Eyes," perhaps the first ever gangster-dragon-revenge epic.

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