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Tim Daniel's

Tim Daniel's "Enormous" Attacks Comics and Machinima in 2014

Tim Daniel and Mehdi Cheggour's "Enormous" gets adapted for a Machinima webseries and continues as an ongoing series from 215Ink

Awan Explores Global Mythology in

Awan Explores Global Mythology in "Jinnrise"

Sohaib Awan, the writer behind IDW Publishing's new series "Jinnrise," tells CBR News about jinn, his visit to Dubai for the Middle East Film and Comic Con and his plans for Jabal Entertainment.

PRESS RELEASE: "Enormous" Monsters Devour Humanity in New Graphic Novella from Image

Tim Daniel Hits It Big With

Tim Daniel Hits It Big With "Enormous"

Writer Tim Daniel and artist Mehdi Cheggour add their twist to the giant monsters ravaging the earth concept in "Enormous," an original one-shot coming in July from Image Comics' Shadowline imprint.