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Oeming & Segovia Rearm Marvel's God of War

Oeming & Segovia Rearm Marvel's God of War

In "Chaos War: Ares," the God of War returns from the dead to teach the Chaos King a lesson or two about the true meaning of war. We spoke with writer Mike Oeming and artist Stephen Segovia about the one-shot.

Andy Schmidt's

Andy Schmidt's "5 Days to Die"

We spoke Andy Schmidt about his creator-owned miniseries "5 Days to Die," which ships weekly in September and follows a mortally-wounded cop faced with an impossible choice, a situation Schmidt finds oddly familiar.

Michael Oeming Has A

Michael Oeming Has A "God Complex"

The co-creator of "Powers" and "Mice Templar" spoke with CBR News about his new Image Comics series launching in December that focuses on gods and modern mythology.

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