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DC's June 2015 Solicitations for

DC's June 2015 Solicitations for "Midnighter," "Starfire," "Harley Quinn and Power Girl"

More of DC's June lineup is revealed with the first look at "Midnighter" #1, "Harley Quinn and Power Girl" #1 and "Starfire" #1.

Orlando Writes a

Orlando Writes a "Midnighter" with "100% Lack of Fear, 100% Lack of Shame"

Steve Orlando talks to CBR about writing a "hyper-confident" gay character, and pushing Midnighter to be good at something other than fighting.

Lee & DiDio Call June Launches

Lee & DiDio Call June Launches "First of Many Steps" in Building the "New" DC Comics

DC Co-Publishers Jim Lee & Dan DiDio detail the inspiration behind the 24 new launches arriving in June, and responding to a changing readership.

Seeley & King Discuss Grounding

Seeley & King Discuss Grounding "Grayson" in Reality

Despite gods and monsters inhabiting the DCU, Tom King & Tim Seeley tell CBR about keeping their book grounded and the upcoming faceoff with Midnighter.

Starlin Makes

Starlin Makes "Stormwatch" A Mystery in Space

With his first issue of "Stormwatch" hitting fans' hands this week, Jim Starlin discusses rebuilding the sci-fi/superhero series with '80s DC character The Weird and old-school designs for Midnighter and Apollo.

DC Comics Reignites

DC Comics Reignites "Young Romance" with Valentine’s Day One-shot

DC Comics is bringing back "Young Romance," the anthology that 65 years ago launched an entire genre, with a February one-shot featuring Superman, Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Batman, Apollo and Midnighter.