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Alleged Kutcher & Kunis

Alleged Kutcher & Kunis "Wonder Twins" Movie Poster Surfaces

NYC retailer Midtown Comics claim they received a poster from Warner Bros. advertising "Wonder Twins" starring Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis.

PRESS RELEASE: Midtown Comics Opens New Feature Shop at Toys"R"Us Times Square

PRESS RELEASE: Midtown Comics & Zipments Announce Wednesday Comic Delivery Service

PRESS RELEASE: Midtown's "Comic Store Heroes" Airs On National Geographic Channel July 13th

PRESS RELEASE: Midtown Comics Hosts Same-Sex Weddings In Celebration of Marvel's "Astonishing X-Men" #51

PRESS RELEASE: Midtown Comics Reveals Exclusive "Avengers vs. X-Men" Skottie Young Variant Cover

PRESS RELEASE: Tom Morello Joins Z-Trip for Free Concert at New York Comic Con

PRESS RELEASE: Tomasi to Sign "Batman and Robin" #1 at Midtown Comics

Crowds & Creators Show For

Crowds & Creators Show For "Justice League" Launch

At the Midnight Madness release in NYC for DC Comics' first New 52 title, "Justice League," Jim Lee and Geoff Johns led a party that included Scott Snyder, Cliff Chiang, Dan Didio, Amy Reeder and a ton of fans.

PRESS RELEASE: Geoff Johns and Jim Lee Sign "Flashpoint" and "Justice League" at Midtown's Midnight Release

PRESS RELEASE: Marjorie Liu Signs at Midtown Comics Tonight

PRESS RELEASE: "Fear Itself: Fearsome Four" Sign at Midtown Comics June 8

PRESS RELEASE: Jerry Robinson Signs at Midtown Wednesday, May 25

PRESS RELEASE: Scott Snyder, Kyle Higgins & Trevor McCarthy to Sign at Midtown Comics

PRESS RELEASE: Zachary Quinto to Sign "Lucid" vol. 1 at Midtown Comics

PRESS RELEASE: Richard Starkings Signs Early Copies of "Elephantmen: Man and Elephantman" #1 at Midtown Comics

PRESS RELEASE: The Spanish Inquisition Returns to Midtown Comics

PRESS RELEASE: Buffy's Amber Benson at Midtown Comics March 5

PRESS RELEASE: Kevin Smith Signs at Midtown Comics Grand Central, NYC.

Marvel Announces

Marvel Announces "Fear Itself"

After a week of teaser images, Marvel announced "Fear Itself" by Matt Fraction and Stuart Immonen at New York's Midtown Comics. The event launches with a prologue in March followed by a seven-issue miniseries. UPDATED with new art.

PRESS RELEASE: John Layman Signs Advance Copies of "Chew" #16 at Midtown Comics Downtown, NYC.

PRESS RELEASE: Rebekah Isaacs and Jon Price Sign and Sketch "Magus"#1 at Midtown Comics

PRESS RELEASE: Jim Lee Signs at Midtown Comics Downtown on 12/19

PRESS RELEASE: Stan Lee's "Starborn" #1 Exclusive Variant from Midtown Comics and BOOM! Studios

PRESS RELEASE: "Stan Lee's The Traveler" #1 Exclusive Variant Cover from Midtown Comics and BOOM! Studios

PRESS RELEASE: "Vampirella" #1 Exclusive Variant Covers from Midtown Comics and Dynamite

PRESS RELEASE: Jim Shooter, Dennis Calero sign Doctor Solar at Midtown on Saturday

PRESS RELEASE: Neal Adams Signs Batman Odyssey #1 at Midtown Comics

PRESS RELEASE: Olivia Munn Signs Her New Book at Midtown Comics

PRESS RELEASE: Midtown Comics Announces New Store

PRESS RELEASE: Brian Michael Bendis, Ed Brubaker, Matt Fraction and Christos Gage sign at Midtown Comics Time Square, NYC

PRESS RELEASE: Steve Niles Signs "Mystery Society" at Midtown Comics

PRESS RELEASE: Paul Levitz will sign Legion of Superheroes #1 from at Midtown Comics

PRESS RELEASE: Luna Bros. Signing "The Sword" finale at Midtown

PRESS RELEASE: Brian Wood and Rebekah Isaacs to Sign DV8 at Midtown

PRESS RELEASE: Midtown Hosts Triple Comic Book Signing

PRESS RELEASE: "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" Actress Amber Benson At Midtown Comics In NYC

PRESS RELEASE: Hama, Chiang "Secret Identities" Signing at Midtown Comics

PRESS RELEASE: Artists converge on Midtown Comics, March 7

PRESS RELEASE: Midtown Comics announces NYCC plans